Apple Passes 50 Billion App Downloads

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Posted 4 years ago

Apple Passes 50 Billion App DownloadsThe champagne has been on ice for the past few weeks, but now the bubbly can begin to flow, as Apple has finally passed the 50 billion app downloads milestone.

Since opening in 2008, Apple revealed that its customers downloaded some 800 apps per second from the App Store, which equates to 2 billion a month.

“Apple would like to thank our incredible customers and developers for topping 50 billion apps downloaded,” said senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, in a statement. “The App Store completely transformed how people use their mobile devices, and created a thriving app ecosystem that has paid out over nine billion dollars to developers. We’re absolutely floored to cross this milestone in less than five years.”

Given its standing today, with over 850,000 apps available for iPhone and iPad and customers in 155 countries, it’s hard to recall the early days back in July 2008, when the App Store boasted just 500 apps. Today’s App Store features apps in 23 different categories, including games, news, business, health and travel, as well as a range of magazines and books.

Apple also revealed, yesterday, the winner of the special $10,000 App Store gift card, awarded to the lucky person that downloaded the 50 billionth app. The fortunate recipient was Brandon Ashmore from Ohio, who downloaded the free social word game Say the Same Thing by Space Inch.

The timing of the announcement was also pretty significant, and could not have been better on Apple’s part – coming just hours after Google revealed, at its Google I/O conference, that Android had surpassed 48 billion app downloads. The Cupertino company will no doubt have been happy to take some of the shine off the announcement of its rival; however, in truth, it is only a matter of time before Google Play surpasses the Apple App Store.

Regardless of who is top dog of the app world, though, no one can deny that this is a great week for mobile.

– Anthony Carter

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