Apple To Rebound With Fresh Market Shares

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Posted 4 years ago


Apple To Rebound With Fresh Market SharesFresh market shares are expected to help Apple rebound after losing tablet market shares. Apple is still the #1 vendor with 14.1 million tablets sold. Its units dropped 3.4% with Samsung shipping almost 9.7 units.

A total of 47.6 million tablets shipped in the third quarter, as estimated by the IDC.

36.8% marks the lowest growth rate that the tablet market has undergone since it was created with the very first iPad during the month of April, 2010. While it is superior to the number of declining shipments the PC factions are experiencing, it is still a matter of concern.

Apple could sell, it has been projected, 25.5 million iPads in the fourth quarter.

Apple have been limping along a bit as its shares went down $13 dollars, following the announcement of what would  be considered as very solid results for the third quarter.

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