Apple Updates HopStop iOS App

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Posted 4 years ago

Apple Updates HopStop iOS AppWe all know about Apple’s attempt at moving away from Google last year, and how the launch of its own native mapping system was lackluster, to say the least. The service is still something that Android lovers like to bring up when challenging iOS. However, that was last year and Apple has had some time to regroup and create a better app for its users. Recently, the company acquired Canadian mapping company Locationary as a way to help beef up local search and business listings, and last week it added HopStop to the ranks. Today, the latter has received an iPhone update with some new features.

New York-based startup HopStop is an app that provides directions to major transit systems and biking routes and will help Apple create a more worthy alternative to the dominant Google Maps. The first great thing about this update has nothing to do with any of the features, but the fact that Apple has elected against shutting the app down as it has a tendency to do with acquisitions. Anyway, the changelog in version 2.6.0 of HopStop in the App Store is as follows:

  • Added support for cities in the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, and Israel

  • You can now report real-time Delays, Crowds, Incidents, Service Changes, Station Closures, Broken Elevators, Suggestions, and Complaints with HopStop Live!

  • Save your Home & Work addresses for quick use (visit Settings to add/edit)

  • Access your saved ‘My Trips’ directly from the search screen

  • New font and updated UI!

  • Bug fixes

The real-time delay support with HopStop Live! is the most notable feature here and relies upon crowdsourcing to provide information, much like Waze, the app that Google stumped up close to $1 billion to purchase back in June.

It remains to be seen whether HopStop is being used as a temporary solution until transit directions are integrated into Maps for iOS, but for the time being it’s here to stay and the new features are certainly worthy of closer attention.

– Anthony Carter

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