Apple Users In Greece Experience iCloud Issues Due To The Financial Crisis

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Posted 2 years ago


Apple iWork for iCloud Now Open For EveryoneThe roiling financial crisis that has the nation of Greece under its thumb has now caused some grief to Apple users.

The country’s struggle with staggering debt and lack of control over its currency has led to limitations being put on credit card payments from Greek financial institutions in an attempt to prevent a surge of capital leaving the country.

In the process, subscribers to Apple services like iCloud have seen disruptions to their service and have received warning messages.

At present there is a daily cap on automated teller machine withdrawals in the country at 60 euros in addition to the suppression of credit card payments.

The timing couldn’t be worse, given that Apple Music made its global debut on Tuesday.

The financial issues also extend to those Greek nationals who are traveling and working outside of their homeland — they can’t use their credit and/or debit cards abroad as well.

Apple declined to make any comment.

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