Apple’s ‘Freebie’ Strategy A Not-So-Covert Agenda

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Posted 4 years ago


Apple's 'Freebie' Strategy A Not-So-Covert AgendaSo Apple throws a few free bones to consumers.

The first free bone is the OS X Maverick. The second free bone is iLife and iWorks suites (that are equipped with reworked versions of the popular Garage Band and Pages apps), free via new iOS or Mac buys. The iWork apps, as one can see, retail for $20.00 USD as can spotted in the Apple apps store.)

So, in the long-gone Steve Jobs-less meeting on Tuesday in California, the freebies were announced.

The Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, which hosted the event, had its share of whispering people who had caught onto Apple’s unfolded, new and bold agenda. Apple can’t hide its obvious continued surge concerning its aggressive price tags. Screens lit on cue, to quasi-dramatic effect, to announce what has been aforementioned (in this article previously) only serving to highlight more Apple’s-not-so- hidden agenda. Well, they do say that all is fair in love and war, so Apple have taken direct aim at Microsoft — who stand as the leader in productive software. iWork for free is going to set doubts in motion for those Mac lovers with their hearts set on Microsoft office.

Apple had done their homework as usual and can righteously justify their high prices as they lobbed the announcement of their  ‘freebies’ at the gala gathering.

Also ever-present on the minds of Apple’s A-team is rivals Google and their biggest competitor Samsung with all of its Android users.

But what is Apple so concerned about?

The Apple company may not be the most innovative but, frankly speaking, they are coasting on a wave of popularity unparalleled in their history right now.

Apple knows that their MacIntosh users have most likely already have companion iPads and iPhones for work and play; and should have nary a care as the iOS updates remain free of charge.

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