Apple’s iOS 7 to get Summer Preview before September Release

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Posted 4 years ago

Apple’s iOS 7 to get Summer Preview before September ReleaseThe tech boffins at Apple are hard at work finishing off the company’s latest iOS 7 operating system, ready for a showing at WWDC 13 in June; that is according to a report by Bloomberg.

WWDC is always a big show and this year’s event in San Francisco sold out in less than two minutes – most likely due to developers looking to get a first glimpse at the new version of iOS. The Bloomberg article says that Apple is pulling together extra resources from the OS X 10.9 team to help get the product ready on time.

With just a month to go before WWDC 13 it is definitely going to be touch and go, however, a report from the usually reliable AllThingsD suggested yesterday that even in the scramble, Cupertino will deliver “on time.” The all-hands-on-deck situation at Apple is not too dissimilar to the 2007 release of the original iOS, when extra bodies were pulled in from the OS X Leopard division to get the OS finished.

According to Bloomberg, the iOS 7 announcement in June will precede a September release, giving Apple and developers time to test new software. Whether or not the new operating system comes with new hardware is not yet known, but the release dates do seem to coincide with the widely expected iPhone 5S.

iOS 7 is rumored to be losing its gimmicky elements with highly regarded designer Jonathan Ive taking over from Scott Forstall. An article from 9to5mac also suggests that the platform will keep in place key features such as the Lock and Home screens and will retain its ease of use; however, a Windows Phone-like flatness as well as new icons and redesigned toolbars will give the OS a new, and presumably better, look.

– Anthony Carter

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