Appletracker Ordered To Shut Down

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Posted 4 years ago


Appletracker Ordered To Shut DownA DMCA takedown notice has been given to the website known as Appletracker. The unofficial site created by a web developer was helping people find iPad Airs and iPhone 5Ss in their areas. That is about to change.

According an Apple representative, Appletracker “scrapes and collects data from in violation of the Internet Service Terms of Use”.

Wanting to be known only as Mordy, the website’s owner is closing up shop right away not wishing to tackle with the irate yet soundly, legally correct Apple company.

Shoppers who will meet with expected out-of-stock problems when looking for the improved iPad Mini later in this month of November 2013, will have to make due by using more traditional methods of locating the device.

Rich Casale


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