Arizona Apple Plant Opening Creates Thousands Of Jobs

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Posted 4 years ago


Arizona Apple Plant Opening Creates Thousands Of JobsLast week, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced that the next Apple facility will be opening in her state. The Apple plant in Mesa is to create 2,000 job openings, with about 1,300 going to construction workers.

Governor Brewer stated that “Apple’s investment in renewable energy will also be greening our power grid, and creating significant new solar and geothermal power sources for the state.” GT Advanced Technologies is to work with Apple. It is believed that the plant will make components for Apple products. Sapphire gemstones used in the Touch ID feature on iPhone 5s are dealt with by the GT Ad Tech company who, through a multi-year agreement, will own and operate advanced (sapphire) furnaces — ASF — and other equipment that goes with the operation. GT Ad Tech have been provided with a $578 million dollar pre-payment, to be paid back by the company by the year 2020.

Apple manufactures most of its devices overseas, with a lot of it done in China.

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