AT&T Patent Raises The Stakes On Internet Use

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Posted 4 years ago


AT&T Patent Raises The Stakes On Internet UseAT&T’s freshly published patent, Patent US 20140010082 A1, could up the stakes on internet use based on the process it puts forth in which internet users can be charged for how much bandwidth they use.

Music as well as movie lovers will see a higher bill due to AT&T’s latest move, most certainly.

You may ask, am I reading this right? Yes, you are. Yet those who know about the concept of “net neutrality” where it is required that all sites be treated equally by Internet Service Providers, despite content, are baffled.

Unfortunately, the FCC ruling of “net neutrality” can no longer be enforced as it has already gone through the U.S. Court of Appeals, losing out in a ruling last month.

Internet use now looks to become more costly for many.

Rich Casale


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