AT&T To Simplify Options For New Customers

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Posted 4 years ago

AT&T To Simplify Options For New CustomersAT&T, to use their word — “streamlining” — are simplifying the options they are offering new customers.

In what could be regarded as a competitive strategic move, AT&T will no longer be using its per usual monthly voice and data plans for new customers. What new customers seem to prefer is simplified options with multiple devices able to share data between them – as AT&T understands the situation – they have devised this new plan for those coming on board with them for the first time.

It’s as simple as this: As of October 25th, new customers can opt for a basic phone at $50 per month or $70 per month for a smartphone.

Both offer the same unlimited text and talk and 300MB of sharable data.

– Rich Casale

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