AT&T Versus T-Mobile: Going For Their Customers

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Posted 4 years ago


AT&T Versus T-Mobile: Going For Their CustomersOther carriers have cast a watchful eye over T-Mobile. T-Mobile has the iPhone added to its line-up of mobile devices as it continues its unique “Un-carrier” service plans. Also T-Mobile has a unique upgrade program for devices under its umbrella. All are thoroughly clever marketing strategies by T-Mobile used to draw the masses.

AT&T, a rival mobile device carrier has found a way to hit back at T-Mobile though.

How does the offer of $450 in credits work when one jumps ship with T-Mobile and switches over to AT&T today, who becomes the user’s new wireless carrier?

It is a two-part offer, consisting of approximately $250 for a current smartphone trade-in and a bonus $200 just for making the transfer of wireless provider over to AT &T.

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