Augmented-Reality Platform Launched By Magic Leap

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Posted 2 years ago


XSight_HMDMagic Leap is gathering momentum, and one of the immediate results of that is a new platform launched by the company that builds on one of its strengths.

The company has released an augmented-reality developer platform meant for coders from third-party companies to build products atop its technology.

The software developer kit will be on the way soon, as promised by the company’s CEO at a conference sponsored by MIT last week.

Magic Leap’s tech promises great advances within that technology but not much else in terms of details.

The company has gotten wide attention dating back to last October when it garnered close to half a billion dollars in funding from a group of companies that included Qualcomm and Google.

That has led to an intensive research and development period that has seen Magic Leap build a sizeable facility in Florida to manufacture chips for their Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal, which is meant to insert artificial imagery into real-world surroundings making them nearly indistinguishable to enhance one’s experience.

Magic Leap wants this to be a major competitor to Google Glass and Microsoft’s Holo Lens.

Those interested can sign up on their website to receive the software developer’s kit which is reportedly compatible with the Unreal and Unity game engines.

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