Automattic Acquires WooCommerce

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Posted 2 years ago


automattic-transIt looks like the parent company of WordPress is looking to expand on its good fortune and its online presence thanks to a recent purchase.

Automattic, owners and creators of WordPress, has begun to finalize the acquisition of WooCommerce, a company that specializes in providing e-commerce tools.

It’s origins stem from WooThemes, which began operation in 2008.

WooCommerce states that their software assists over 600,000 websites, and through a software plugin enables sites to transform into webstores.

While the basic version comes free of charge, features such as appointment booking come with a cost.

It’s believed that this is Automattic’s largest acquisition to date, with an estimated price tag of $30 million including stock.

There were no further comments as to how WooCommerce will feature into Automattic’s plans in the future but it wouldn’t surprise many if they took advantage of the expanded e-commerce possibilities.

Christopher A. Smith


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