BadBIOS: Airborne Way To Attack PC Users?

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Posted 4 years ago


BadBIOS: Airborne Way To Attack PC Users?Hacking into your computer by attacking it with malware that is intended to get to you, through your computer, and make you sick or crazy or both or more is basically where this article is going.

The subject matter is tenuous and maybe non-existent. So why are we going to talk about badBIOS? Maybe because it is real.  Dragos Ruiu, a security researcher claims he has been tracking a new form of malware, since the year 2010, that can infiltrate the simplest levels of your machinery. Input signals that are converted into nasty coding have given rise to what may be the first good example of an airborne computer virus. The laptop’s microphone converts the code. The malware has been given the name badBIOS by Ruiu whose work in his chosen field includes getting together the PacWest and CanSecWest security conferences.

Ruiu lacks evidence to prove it and can’t find much in the way of anyone willing to step alongside him on the firing line to trumpet badBIOS as being the real McCoy.

Ruiu’s claims badBIOS is resistant to erasure and is able to infect a wide scope of PCs from ones that operate on Windows, OS X, BSD and Linux.

What is certain is, real or not, the first wave of malware to attack in this manner will impact the future of man and technology significantly.

There are signs along the highway to the future. Stop signs and green and red flags that may require us to stop and smell the roses or handle them with kid gloves will be a matter of ongoing discretionary calls we make along the path to both discoveries and pitfalls in our ongoing path ahead as an alert and aware society.

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