Bah, Humbug! – Microsoft Scroogles T-Shirts With Chrome Logo

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Posted 4 years ago


Bah, Humbug! - Microsoft Scroogles T-Shirts With Chrome LogoThe Scroogle has begun. These 7 words along with a Google Chrome logo above it is on the t-shirts Microsoft has designed and wants everyone to wear. You may want to get one if you believe as Microsoft is spewing, that Google is stealing your information/data. Google claims to use an automated non-human sifting procedure to go through your email and target advertisements to you.

One must remember the cardinal rule of accusation: When you point the finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Windows is on your hardware. It sits in your home/office/car. Google is on the worldwide web and it is outside of your living space unless you invite it in. These are the prime differences between Microsoft and Google, respectively.

Rich Casale


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