Barnes & Noble Releases NOOK Video App for Android, iOS and Roku

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Posted 4 years ago

Barnes & Noble Releases NOOK Video App for Android, iOS and RokuBarnes & Noble may have found life in the competitive tablet market heavy going, with the likes of Apple, Google, and Amazon preventing them from gaining a real foothold, but the company still believes in its NOOK, just releasing new video apps on Android, iOS, and Roku to prove it.

While it may be scaling back on the production of NOOK tablets, the new app keeps the name alive while allowing customers to watch a variety of movies and TV shows from NOOK video on their own tablets and smartphones without needing a NOOK.

As we all know, video streaming services are nothing new and Barnes & Noble will be joining some pretty big players, but the NOOK collection is a strong one and customers will like the fact that no subscription is needed to rent and purchases titles.

Users of the service can download the app free and pay for rentals and purchases on a per-content basis – a set up that works in much the same way as iTunes and Google Play Music/Movies. Once the content has been paid for, it can be watched while streaming or downloaded to watch without an internet connection. In addition to this, the app will allow customers to view video across different devices, streaming content on one device and picking up where they left off on another.

NOOK also offers UltraViolet integration, which adds a selling point for those that happen to have a collection of UltraViolet titles.

How successful B&N are going to be with the NOOK video app remains to be seen. Most people have already chosen a video streaming service and will take some persuading if they are going to switch. Having said that, it is good to see that there is still life in the NOOK brand – if only for a while.

– Anthony Carter

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