BBM User Manuals for Android and iOS Leaked Online Ahead of Release

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Posted 4 years ago

BBM User Manuals for Android and iOS Leaked Online Ahead of ReleaseIt’s not very often you find an app that needs its own user manual, but that seems to be the case with the forthcoming BBM app for Android and iOS – guides for the chat service have been leaked online ahead of its release.

BBM is set for release before the end of summer (anytime up to September 21) and while there have been plenty of copycat apps popping up, we still wait patiently for the official release, which it seems is still being prepared by BlackBerry.

The user manuals, which were found on the official BlackBerry website and published by the guys over at tech website N4BB, show a full list of features and directions on how to complete various tasks. These included sending texts, changing status and profile pictures, creating and joining BBM groups, starting chats, adding contacts, photo and voice messaging, location and, of course, BBM’s classic emoticons.

By doing this, the guides obviously confirm what each app will and will not have in terms of features. Notable initial absentees from the feature set seem to be voice and video calling and screen sharing; however, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Hiens has previously promised that the rest of BBM will eventually make its way over to rival operating systems, which will include the aforementioned BBM voice, screen sharing and the new(ish) BBM channels feature.

BBM has traditionally been BlackBerry’s strongest feature and the struggling Canadian company will be looking for the move to Android and iOS to revive fortunes. It will no doubt be relying on brand and proven history in instant messaging to achieve success, but comes into a smartphone market dominated by the likes of Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Viber. Will ex-BlackBerry users that have upgraded to smartphones still hold the soft spot they once did for BBM? Is there even room for sentiment? I guess we’ll find out before September 21.

– Anthony Carter

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