Beats Music Makes iOS and Android Debut

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Posted 3 years ago


Beats Music Makes iOS and Android DebutHaving pretty much established itself as the number one brand in headphones, Beats has set its sights on toppling Spotify by releasing Beats Music, a music subscription service that revolves around creating playlists based on user experience and preferred musical genres.

Beats will launch in the iTunes App Store on Tuesday, with an Android offering to follow soon after, taking on other services such as Rdio, Google Play Music, and the aforementioned Spotify head on with a library of around 20 million songs and the promise of becoming your very own personal DJ.

“A great DJ picks the right song and knows the only thing more important than the song playing right now is the song that comes next,” explains an introductory post on the Beats Music blog. “A great DJ gets bored before you do and knows when to switch gears to keep you listening.”

The “new kind of streaming service” that Beats Music is offering relies on a combination of input from music experts and machine algorithms to help suggest content that you like. It is hoped that this will help attract users away from the plethora of other music streaming services out there and over to Dr. Dre’s gang.

Beats Music features a track, album, and artist search functionality from which songs can be played both on and offline. There is also a section called “Highlights”, which showcases popular music from the community, and a “Right Now” feature, dedicated to creating streams based on the location and mood of the users.

Unique to this app, and likely to be popular with the fans, is the “Just For You” section, which will populate a tailored mix of music for your listening enjoyment. Tracks, albums, and playlists can also be shared across Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Beats Music community.

Users of the app can trial the service free for seven days, after which they can sign up for $9.99 a month. Should Spotify and the others be worried? Well, given Beats’ domination of the headphones market, it certainly wouldn’t be wise to dismiss Beats Music.

Check out Beats Music in the iTunes App Store now.

– Anthony Carter


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