Big Screen Lumia Icon By Nokia For Verizon – Shutterbug alert

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Posted 3 years ago


Big Screen Lumia Icon By Nokia For Verizon - Shutterbug alertNokia is the most prominent of all phones running on Microsoft’s mobile OS. Nokia is on the verge of selling to Microsoft, its entire phone business.

The Android way of “many of everything”, (don’t know how else to put it), sees as per usual for Nokia, a profusion of big phones, upscale phones, etc., and for different service providers there are different phones.

Enter the Lumia Icon that is ready today, yet goes on sale February 20th. The price is $200 with a 2-year contract. That price fits the normal price expectation for someone shopping for something very decent, indeed. The Nokia Icon reaches the top echelon as a Windows smartphone for Verizon.

The Lumia Icon is a handful as it has a big screen at 5 inches but it isn’t the 6-inch screen-fronted Lumia 1520, or, Lumia 1320.

The question is, if you’re not a smartphone newbie, that is, would you choose an iPhone, or another Android model in favor of this Windows iPhone 8?

Buyer beware, the camera is slow.

Rich Casale


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