Big Tech Registers Their Opposition To Government’s Anti-Encryption Attitude

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Posted 2 years ago


White House Chimes In On Turkey's Blocking Of TwitterThe Obama Administration’s moves to lessen bulk data collection and encryption have leading tech companies concerned – concerned enough to directly address the White House over them.

On Monday, the Information Technology Industry Council and the Software & Information Industry Association sent a letter to President Obama to express their opposition to the weakening of data encryption that would prevent the enforcement of proper data security.

An excerpt from the letter underscores this: “We appreciate that, where appropriate, law enforcement has the legitimate need for certain information to combat crime and threats. However, mandating the weakening of encryption or encryption ‘work-arounds’ is not the way to address this need.”

The opposition by these groups includes heavy hitters in the tech industry like Apple, Adobe and Facebook.

The letter is an advance move to try to curtail any legislative attempts by Congress and the White House to weaken encryption and obtain more data.

The government’s focus on data encryption is tied to their ongoing efforts to combat possible terrorist attacks.

One product of concern happens to be Apple’s iMessage which features end-to-end encryption, which makes it very tough for law enforcement to observe, protect citizens and step in if needed.

So far, there has been no comment from the White House on the letter.

Christopher A. Smith


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