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Posted 4 years ago


Bill Gates Gifts Reddit UserAfter receiving a package in the mail weighing in at 7-pounds, Reddit user NY1227 must have tore apart the gift she received from the richest man in all of the land, Bill Gates, as she went through the discovery of what was in it.

A cash cow? Yeah. Yet I point out that it was an undisclosed amount in the contribution lodged inside of a stuffed cow. The only contents that the public has been made aware of is the Santa Claus playing Bill Gates’ donation to Heifer International via this gift to NY1227 that also contained a National Geographic Journey’s of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips book. And, of course, a certificate of authenticity.

Readers should understand that a Heifer International $500 contribution gifts a family the provision of having a cow that brings in income and provides dairy products.

Reddit started in June 2005 and provides entertainment and news in a social context, whereupon its users register themselves and send the site links/text posts.  Reddit has the claim to fame of breaking the Guinness World Record For Largest Game of Secret Santa.

Merry Bill Gates is welcome to come down my chimney this Christmas, as I’ve been good, and I am quite fond of Moo-lah myself!

Rich Casale



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