Bitcasa Brings Infinite Cloud Storage to Android and Windows 8

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Posted 5 years ago

Bitcasa, the cloud storage startup that already offers desktop apps and a Google Chrome extension, has announced the release of new mobile apps for Android and Windows 8.

The company’s new apps are in the Google Play Store and Windows Store from today, with an iOS version expected to follow in January. Until now, users of Bitcasa could only access the service through the web-based HTML5 version on mobile phones; therefore, the release of the apps will come as great news.

Bitcasa is a backup solution that offers a great alternative to the more established Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing users to back up all data and files on Bitcasa’s servers, as well as being able to move items to the cloud that can then be deleted from a hard drive. The service has won plaudits for its ease of use and slick interface, making it simple to manage and access files. The company’s major selling point is the patent pending “Infinite Drive” which acts as an external hard drive that never runs out of space, continually growing as more data is added.

Co-founder and CEO of Bitcasa Tony Gauda, explained the Infinite Drive in an interview with TNW, saying:

By announcing our cross-platform support today, we are offering our global users secure access on all computers, mobile devices, or Web browsers by streaming from the cloud while allowing them to keep the data they access more often localized on their hard drive.

With an Infinite Drive, mobile users can automatically store and access their photos from any device. It also means that they can send large videos and albums to friends and family, as well as watch videos in multiple formats. It’s an infinite, organized drive in the cloud. Users don’t have to manage it and it’s much safer than their desktop or laptop.”

The Bitcasa service is currently free to use, but the company has said that it will begin charging $10 per month from February 2013 – a very reasonable amount for what is unlimited storage space.

– Anthony Carter

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