Black Friday And Cyber Monday Spark Cyberscam Alerts

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Posted 4 years ago


Black Friday And Cyber Monday Spark Cyberscam AlertsDriven by greed and the love of money, cyberscammers will go for broke on this year’s Black Friday and this year’s Cyber Monday. Buyer beware.

Smartphones tend to be the most unsafe method of making purchases for myriad reasons. The small screen and impulse hyper-connectivity are touchstones for the crooks to exploit. The best defense for the smartphone, actually let’s make that smart device user in general, is “when cyberphishing — if the waters are phishy — leading one to doubt, exit out”.

There is a way to be more safe: TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield are available for free, on the web, helping cautious users to make a secure connection from where computations to the Internet are made.

– Rich Casale


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