BlackBerry Brings Secure Work Space to Android and iOS

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Posted 4 years ago

BlackBerry Brings Secure Work Space to Android and iOSBlackBerry has officially released its Secure Work Space technology for Android and iOS devices.

Powered by the all-new BlackBerry Enterprise System (BES) 10 that was released in the early part of 2013, Secure Work Space allows BlackBerry, and now Android and iOS, enterprise users to separate work and personal data on mobile devices.

Housed in an encrypted container, Secure Work Space has native applications for email, contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, document editing, and web browser intended for intranet access, which are all partitioned off from the rest of the operating system, preventing data leaks due to malware and employee copy/pasting.

Secure Work Space is very similar to Work Balance, which is used in BlackBerry 10 smartphones such as the Z10. While it is not as slick or as elegant as the BB 10 offering, the service for Android and iOS will give employers the chance to let staff access private company data without having to worry about whether or not the employee is using a BlackBerry handset and unsecured browser.

“BlackBerry Secure Work Space now allows us to provide that bring your own device (BYOD) experience for all of our customers, whether they are using a BlackBerry device, iOS device or an Android device,” said BlackBerry vice president of security product management and research, Mike Brown in an interview with V3.

Brown also said that BlackBerry was working on making it possible for other apps to be housed inside the container using wrapping technology, which follows the same file encryption rules as the rest of the container and uses the same VPN connection.

Secure Work Space on Android can be operated from its own home screen, while iOS users will have to access the service via an app. Customers will be required to have BES 10 on their networks and pay a $100 license for each managed device.

BlackBerry has released a video showcasing the service, which can be seen here.

– Anthony Carter

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