BlackBerry Continues Downward Slide

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Posted 2 years ago


BlackBerry Sees 4th Quarter ProfitBlackBerry is now still entrenched in a downturn with no immediate shift in its fortunes, according to recent financial reports issued by the company.

On Tuesday, the Canadian smartphone manufacturer released their earnings for public review.

In them, it was revealed that they only sold a little over a million handsets within the first quarter.

The total reflects a decline from the previous quarter by half a million. BlackBerry also reported lower revenue earnings and $28 million in losses.

The company did see an uptick in their software and patent licensing business, thanks to a deal with Cisco Systems and another unidentified company.

It had been hoped that BlackBerry’s two newest smartphone releases, the Classic and the Passport, would ignite more attention and bring in more users, particularly those in government.

The CEO of the company, John Chen, cited that perhaps the issues regarding the phones was due to paltry marketing and advertising.

On the call to investors in Waterloo, Ontario, Chen stated: “We just need to bring awareness up.”

He remained confident that the company would see a turnaround, and made remarks that they would shift some of their focus from handsets to further software development.

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