BlackBerry: Falling Fast

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Posted 4 years ago

blackberry-logo2BlackBerry, once the premier innovator and smartphone maker, who opened the door for the current heavyweights Android and iPhone, seems to be in free fall.

Last week, key executives in research and development resigned. This week, the struggling company is examining new options, including shopping for a possible buyer. It’s a shame that it has come to this. This is what happens when one ignores the prevailing trends, and takes one’s customer base for granted. Keeping up with the latest apps, and continuing to upgrade and service existing BlackBerry products — while innovating new ones — would have kept the company in first or second place — or a strong third, at least — for years to come.

If nothing else, BlackBerry should maintain its battery manufacturing. It makes long-lasting batteries that none of its competitors can touch. Perhaps, in the future, every iPhone and Android could carry one. That would be a nice way to stay in business, wouldn’t it?

Charles Herrion

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