BlackBerry Jam Asia Sees RIM Announce a Series of Updates

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Posted 5 years ago

With the eagerly awaited BB 10 launch date of 30 January, 2013 edging ever closer, RIM has announced a series of updates to their make-or-break operating system. RIM clearly feels that attracting support from developers will be key in BB 10 being a success and that is what much of the focus at the BlackBerry Jam Asia event in Bangkok was directed towards.

One of the main talking points on the agenda was the announcement that BlackBerry App World is to be renamed. From here on in the App World will simply be known as BlackBerry World; this is likely to do with the dedicated music, movies and multimedia sections, and is similar to Google’s move to rebrand the Android Market as Google Play.

RIM’s VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders, took the stage to talk about how the advantages that BB has over Android and iOS, and the ease with which developers can bring projects over to BB 10 from either of the mentioned operating systems. The company also celebrated a recent port-a-thon event – a meet up where developers can port and code Android and iOS apps for BB 10 – and said that it will continue to hold such events, with port-a-thons already arranged across Asia Pacific.

As Engadget reports, the ‘Gold’ SDK event has been scheduled for December 11 with all necessary APIs, and developers are able to register from today for the $10k incentive guarantee ahead of the 21 January deadline. BlackBerry app makers were also treated to news that a Dev Alpha C device would be introduced to developers. 7,500 Dev Alpha handsets have been handed out since May of this year and RIM has promised a further 1,500; however, they will only be available to developers that have submitted two or more apps and are ‘Built for BB10’ endorsed.

Most of the event – which was in front of a crowd of mainly developers – focused on how BB 10 would work, and RIM announced close to 100 regional partners – including big players in the Asia market such as Baidu, Sina Weibo, Kantana and Fox Sports.

BlackBerry has some 60 million users in Asia and according to the company that number continues to grow. We are likely to see focus in that part of the world continue, as well as significant marketing in key areas such as the US and Europe, as the all-important January launch date looms.

– Anthony Carter

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