BlackBerry May Switch To Android

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Posted 2 years ago


BlackBerry Sees 4th Quarter ProfitIn a recent report, it was disclosed that BlackBerry may now do something unexpected and Android will figure into the latest move by the embattled company.

According to sources close to the Canadian business communications firm, it appears that there are plans to manufacture a new phone handset which will feature Android and not their own operating system.

It’s another step in BlackBerry’s move towards being more productive in terms of mobile device management and software.

Hints towards this initiative were laid down by executives in February.

The new phone is speculated to contain a slider function and a physical keyboard instead of an all-touch format which they returned to in March with the release of their Leap smartphone.

The move also marks the company’s opening up of their messaging service to rival companies.

For BlackBerry, the news is bolstered slightly by their renewed financial fortunes, making more in revenue towards the end of last year than their losses and ending a slide that had been in effect for the last couple of years.

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