BlackBerry releases 10.2 Gold Simulator

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Posted 4 years ago

BlackBerry releases 10.2 Gold SimulatorBlackBerry has released the newest version of its BlackBerry 10 simulator with a “heap of new improvements and features” for developers to get their teeth into.

Called ‘10.2 Gold’, the new simulator brings updates for the program that developers use for testing apps and there several significant features, including Bluetooth support and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean compatibility, giving both Android and BlackBerry developers the opportunity to take advantage of the tool.

Bluetooth support means that it is now possible to pair BB 10 devices or any other type of Bluetooth peripheral with the 10.2 simulator during app development and testing, making the whole process a lot smoother.

In a blog post about the updates, BlackBerry’s Daryl Martin revealed that the new version of the simulator would also be sporting a redesigned controller with new features such as an interactive 3D view of a BlackBerry handset when simulating orientation. He also said that the camera application would be built in to the simulator.

“Developers can either take pictures of custom images injected into the viewfinder or just use the default scrolling bars. We are working on adding more camera features, such as injecting QR codes via the controller, so keep an eye out for future releases,” said Martin.

As far as the support for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is concerned, Martin said that, “like most things in the simulator” Jelly Bean is Hardware Accelerated, meaning 60FPS is possible for all apps created using the simulator.

“This did require us to update our version of Mesa to 9.1.2, so there have been numerous improvements in our OpenGL support along the way,” he added.

The full changelog for the updated release is available to view on the BlackBerry Developer page, where it is also possible to download the new simulator.

– Anthony Carter

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