BlackBerry to promote Z10 with ‘Takeover’ Ad Campaign

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Posted 4 years ago

BlackBerry to promote Z10 with ‘Takeover’ Ad CampaignBlackBerry has a lot of hopes pinned onto its new BB 10 operating system, and the flagship Z10 is the device pitched to attract smartphone users away from the dominant Apple and Android. Given BlackBerry’s lack of technological advancements in recent years, the Canadian company has lost considerable ground on the market leaders, and the Z10 is in need of a pretty big marketing campaign to steal away any sort of significant share of the market.

Well, it does seem as though BlackBerry is willing to take the fight right to Apple and Android by launching a bold series of ads that will ‘takeover’ the screens of competitor devices.

Rolling out this week, the ads will be set up to take over screens of iPhones and Android devices when a user clicks on it. The advertisement will demonstrate the key features of the BB 10 operating system as though it were installed on the user’s phone, giving them a taste of what they could expect by ditching their current device in favor of the new Z10.

In an interview with Forbes, Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben describes the ads as “real-time marketing,” and, amongst other features, will emphasize the impressive photo-altering Time Shift.

The ads follow an earlier takeover campaign in the UK, which featured, on The Guardian’s desktop website and a similar marketing effort will be used on The New York Times website this week.

According to the Forbes report, BlackBerry knows that it must branch out to sustain the company and this means not relying on the reselling of devices to current fans. Launching an ad campaign directly on competitor software is certainly a courageous effort and could be successful if results in the UK are anything to go by – ads there gaining an average of 4.2 minutes engagement time between user and content.

Forbes also says that the takeover ads will be followed by a new interactive typing campaign developed by agencies BBDO and Razorfish, designed to show off the speed and accuracy of the new BB 10 keyboard.

– Anthony Carter

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