Book Scan Lawsuit Ends As Google Trumps Authors

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Posted 4 years ago


Book Scan Lawsuit Ends As Google Trumps AuthorsOn Thursday, it was all over for the authors who claimed that the internet search company, Google Inc. were digitally copying millions of books to create their own library online. The United States authors twisted the metaphorical knife by saying that it was being done by Google and that it was being done without express permission.

Google Inc. has won out this lawsuit after careful scrutiny by the court. After all was said and done, what Google did was within the limits of what is called “fair use” as explained in detail under U.S. copyright law. It was U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin, who in Manhattan, New York City, NY took Google’s side in the argument that involved 20 million-plus books being scanned. Google did have text available online, commonly referred to as “snippets”. The case seemed almost to be headed for a full decade of litigation, as that is seemingly how long it has seemed to drag on.

Of course there will be an appeal as allowed by the United States constitution.

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