Budget iPhone Could Be a Plastic iPhone 5 and iPod Touch Hybrid

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Posted 4 years ago

Any rumors of an upcoming device from Apple are always going to be hot property, and speculation of a cheap iPhone in 2013 refuses to let up. Despite Apple’s Phil Schiller insisting budget smartphones “will never be the future of Apple’s products,” rumors have intensified this week with the guys over at iLounge releasing images from “reliable sources” of a plastic iPhone 5 aimed at the Chinese market.

Of course, of all the information put out by iLounge, this is purely speculation, but the article on the site does go into depth with several images and some alleged design specs. According to the report, the new device will sport the front of the iPhone 5, the bottom of the fifth generation iPod Touch, and an overall shape that resembles the iPod Classic – the music player that was released back in 2008.

The budget iPhone is said to be slightly larger than the iPhone 5 (by about half a millimeter), but will feature the same 4-inch screen and will surprisingly sport the Retina Display, with the 1,136 x 640 display covered in Corning’s Gorilla Glass, although, in a difference to the iPhone 5 the glass will be raised slightly.

The plastic phone is said to be curvier in its shape in comparison to the newer generation iPhones, curving from the front of the phone into the back, much like the iPod Classic. The circular iPhone 5 volume and sound switch buttons will revert to a pear shape and the butt will feature the new lightning port, a headphone port and a speaker in a similar design to the fifth gen iPod Touch.

Rumors are always something to get excited about, but I’ve seen plenty of stuff from “reliable sources” in the past that turned out to be anything but reliable. However, while it is hard not to be skeptical, the iLounge report is certainly worth checking out.

– Anthony Carter

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