Businesses May Soon Be Able To Use WhatsApp To Message Their Customers

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Posted 2 years ago


WhatsApp Acquired By FacebookIn another step towards being more social media-savvy, it looks as if business owners may soon be the beneficiaries of a new outreach campaign carried out with one of the world’s most heavily used apps.

At the recent F8 conference held in San Francisco last month by Facebook and other leading developers, the social networking company proclaimed that they were going to begin a new initiative aimed at businesses through the platform.

A core part of the plan was to have Messenger be the method for businesses and their respective customers to communicate on almost any and everything.

Now, another part of this plan will involve their recent acquisition, WhatsApp.

The purchase, costing Facebook about $22 billion, not only gave the company a popular chat app to the tune of 800 million users, it also may be a way to advance business-to-consumer interaction on a higher level.

Currently, their Messenger For Business initiative is only offered to a number of companies by invitation.

But utilizing WhatsApp, which is the app of choice for those who want to communicate with each other internationally without being beset by steep roaming data charges, could be a boon for B2C interactions in terms of effective customer service and productivity.

Christopher A. Smith


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