Cable Viewers through “See It” partnership of Comcast and Twitter To Watch/Record Shows Instantly

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Posted 4 years ago

Cable Viewers through "See It" partnership of Comcast and Twitter To Watch/Record Shows InstantlyA major cable provider, Comcast, has stepped in to the Twitter/TV networks partnership expansion – in a big way.

The Verge reports today that Comcast has announced the partnership of the fully-Comcast-owned NBCUniversal and Twitter. Comcast has, thusly, designed a new feature called “See It” that will be visible in embedded NBCUniversal tweets as of the month of November (2013). In addition to DVR recordings on the fly, as Twitter could soon now replace the TV’s remote control, by clicking the “See It” button, Xfinity customers will instantly be able to tune in on live programming via their set-top box or directly from their smart devices. Not to fear, thankfully even non-Xfinity subscribers won’t be left out as “See It” will steer them towards NBC’s official website or app.

Rich Casale

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