California Is Using The Internet To Control Water Consumption

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Posted 2 years ago


Water_texture_1390020_NevitIn the midst of one of the worst droughts that the state of California has experienced on record, officials are turning to the Internet to help out with water conservation efforts – and not in the way you might expect.

Utilities companies in the state are now using smart meters that will aid in enforcing water consumption restrictions that were put in place due to the extreme drought.

The smart meters are being installed at residences and businesses that have been reported for water consumption violations.

The meters then capture just how much water they’re using in real time, and if they get outside of the consumption limits, they are then hit with fines.

While the meters have been relatively successful, they are limited in number.

The state doesn’t have the infrastructure that is comprised of data centers mainly to install and monitor high amounts of the meters statewide.

But it hasn’t stopped some areas from trying to work around that issue.

Case in point?

The city of Long Beach has enlisted the T2 smart meter provider, who utilize battery-powered meters to save energy and also use Verizon’s cellular network for monitoring.

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