Can A New CEO At Microsoft Wrangle With Google?

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Posted 4 years ago


Can A New CEO At Microsoft Wrangle With Google?

CEO Steve Ballmer was an intense, at times angry man who meant business. But wrangling with Google was not something he could do effectively. Google has managed to be the competitor from hell to Microsoft.

Apple was able to hone in on the weak spots of Microsoft’s Office by simply taking Google’s lead.

And what a lead it is.

Google has had an 85% upsurge in growth as its stakes rose in other revenue, which is up to $1.23 billion dollars. Non-Apple handset makers, Google and their Android smart phone has done the most damage to Microsoft; outstripping Apple in competitive stakes.

Google uses its Chrome products to hollow out the largely inexpensive desktop market away from Windows.

It comes down to one thing for Microsoft: They need a true leader who knows how to transform the company and turn Google into chewing gum spit out and squashed beneath their feet. Microsoft has had much success in the past when the company turned over itself to really caring about their consumer services with a strong-as-steel leader at the helm.

A good, extremely strong Microsoft CEO is needed. Now.

Rich Casale


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