Can A Smartphone And Your Laptop Use Sounds As Passwords?

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Posted 4 years ago


Can A Smartphone And Your Laptop Use Sounds As Passwords?Google has acquired SlickLogin, out of Israel, and together the giant company and the smart start-up have the answer to get around “two-factor authentication” to gain access to the app or website you are on. So, does that mean no more password and a code sent over in the form of a text message to your smartphone?

That is what is being posited. The phone is held up to the computer and the website “listens” to and confirms a sound that is inaudible to humans (and hopefully small pets with keen hearing). And if you’re wondering, it is hacker-proof, as this process can’t be done remotely. The sound is decommissioned as soon as it is used and replaced with an another sound for the next log-in attempt.

Sounds like this “music” between computing devices could be the start of something sweet!

Rich Casale


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