Can Microsoft Regain Trust After Email Snooping Incident?

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Posted 3 years ago


Can Microsoft Regain Trust After Email Snooping Incident?Do you trust email providers such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google with your email?

After it was revealed that Microsoft read emails of a customer, they decided to modify their terms of service.

Microsoft took advantage of fine print legalese to scan and read messages from a user of their email service.

It’s thought that the other big email providers; Yahoo, and Google both, have the same type of language buried in their user agreements, allowing them to read your emails any time they want to, and, apparently, for practically any reason at all.

Contained in a statement from Microsoft:

“We believe that Outlook and Hotmail email are and should be private. Today there has been coverage about a particular case. While we took extraordinary actions in this case based on the specific circumstances and our concerns about product integrity that would impact our customers, we want to provide additional context regarding how we approach these issues generally and how we are evolving our policies.”

You can read the rest of the statement here.


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