Can using too many WordPress Plugins kill your site?

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Posted 3 years ago


Can using too many WordPress Plugins kill your site?WordPress is a popular platform, and the list of free plugins that WordPress offers is in the thousands.

The important thing to notice is whether you as a blogger need to use all of them. There are people who love to use numerous widgets. Do you know that using several plugins might impact negatively on your readership? In this post we’ll discuss how using too many plugins can harm your audience level:

1. By slowing down your website

The most disturbing feature of using too many WordPress plugins is that they may slow down your website. When a reader of your site visits a page on your website, each plugin you use, sends a server request. When the number of readers increases, the numerous plugins you use on your slow things down by sending multiple server requests.

2. Some plugins are not safe

Though a plugin might work very well, it may not be secure. Some plugins, mainly the free ones, sometimes come under the scrutiny of hackers who try to hack your site through them. It’s better to stick to the necessary ones to avoid any hassles.

3. Maintenance of free plugins could stop at any time

Those who are using the maximum free plugins should be well prepared, as these plugins might close down someday. You cannot guarantee that free plugins will last forever. If that happens, your site will suffer badly. Besides, the more the plugins you use, the higher the risk of any one of them them shutting down.

4. Plugin conflicts

Often, there are conflicts on a site when one plugin is not compatible with another, and you are using them both. In certain cases, we’ve heard many stories of website content disappearing from a site after the blogger installs a plugin that’s not compatible with another one already in use. That is why having a backup of your site’s content on a regular basis is a must.

To conclude, it’s good to use WordPress plugins that are most required for your site, rather than picking and installing many, just to impress your readers. Use updated plugins, and also protect your site with security features. If possible, try to test the plugins on a backup version on your local computer before using them on your live site.

– Ady Sachdeva


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