Carl Icahn Cashes Out Of Netflix Investment $1.6 Billion Richer

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Posted 2 years ago


Carl Icahn Calls eBay CEO "Incompetent"You don’t get to be a billionaire investor without having the ability to get a terrific return for your investment.

And Carl Icahn’s latest move demonstrates that principle fully.

On Wednesday, Icahn announced via Twitter that he had just sold the last of his Netflix stock.

The investor was the owner of 1.4 million shares since 2012.

Previously, he owned close to 5.5 million shares.

At that point, shares were valued at $58.

The sale is the reason that Icahn now enjoys the benefit of a $700 million profit that occurred in the three-year period and as a result, the shares now are worth $900 million.

Icahn believes that Netflix’s rapid ascent to household name and industry leader across the country is just a matter of the company realizing their goals from early on with success.

The investor did add one observation about Apple’s current situation with a tweet he sent out minutes later: “Believe $ AAPL currently represents same opportunity we stated NFLX offered several years ago.”

Icahn now owns about 53 million shares of Apple that are valued at close to seven billion dollars.

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