Office 2016 Now Available To Preview


Office 2016 Now Available To PreviewMicrosoft announced a significant change in its new Office suite: it will set the company’s OneDrive cloud storage service as the location for saved files by default.

You can try the latest Office 2016 preview here ahead of its release.

Min Kim


Uber Logs 30 Million Rides In New York City In 4 Years


Uber Logs 30 Million Rides In New York City In 4 YearsUber celebrates its 4 year anniversary today. According to its blog, Uber estimates that 26% of all Uber rides in 2014 were trips to, from, or within the outer borough, and its drivers have made over $750 million on the Uber platform in NYC since 2011.

The original Uber, Uber Black has seen over 6.6 million unique trips around NYC and uberX drivers have seen an aggregate 100 million miles traveled.

With the launch of uberPOOL, the company estimates a potential of removing 1 million cars from the road.

-Min Kim


Instagram Launches Hyperlapse App


Instagram Launches Hyperlapse AppFacebook’s Instagram division has released Hyperlapse to it’s Apple users. The app lets people create time lapse videos, giving them a cinematic feel. The adaptation is said to be available to android users soon, but no release date was given.

In classic tech world style, this isn’t the only time lapse video tool out there. In the App Store, there’s already a time-lapse app, as well as a time lapse tool released by Microsoft this month. The kicker? All of these tools are called hyperlapse.

Check out what Hyperlapse can actually do click here.

– Spencer Grover


Looking For People Nearby To Play Sports With? Check Out This App


SportsSporty is a new app to help people organize sporting meetups. Say you want to play a game of soccer, but no one you know plays. Sporty will help you by connecting you to games that are looking for players close to where you are. Alternatively, you can use sporty as an organizer, announcing when a game’s going to start, and how many players you need.

Finally, Sporty has the functionality to create private games, so you can organize games among your friends.

For an app like sporty to work, it needs to reach critical mass. It needs to be the app in the space that everyone turns to when they want a game of  volleyball.

There are no stand-out options right now, but before everyone assumes Sporty’s going to fill that void, there’s a few things to remember:

First, it’s on iPhone only, eliminating over a quarter of the market in one swing.

Second, it requires a Facebook login. With increasing concerns over privacy, and what a lot of people see as the steady decline of Facebook, this is only going to make reaching that critical mass harder.

Sporty’s a great app, but the idea’s been around for years and no one’s managed to make it stick. Only time will tell if Sporty is the dark horse in the race for a quality sporting app.

Download the app here.

– Spencer Grover


Tom Hanks’ “Hanx Writer” App A Hit


Tom Hanks’ "Hanx Writer" App A HitTom Hanks, box office superstar, can now claim his place in the world of apps.

His new app, Hanx Writer, has gone to the top of the iOS charts, topping the “Productivity” category as well as “Overall”.

So, what does Hanx Writer do? Simply put, it converts your iPad into a typewriter. Remember those things?

Is this retro hit due to a yearning to return to the past, or, is it mostly due to Hanks’ star power and household name recognition. Maybe a bit of both?

The app has all the bells (literally) and whistles of an old typewriter.

Check it out for yourself here.


Preggie – The Social Network For Expectant Mothers


Preggie - The Social Network For Expectant MothersThe nichification of social networks continues with the launch of a new iOS app for expectant mothers.

Preggie is an app for expectant mothers to get together and talk about pregnancy, babies, and other information on the topic.

Profiles allow for users to state what stage of prenancy they’re in.

The usual set of features we’ve all come to expect are included, photo sharing, friending, liking, comment posting, etc.

Definitely a good idea, time will tell if it becomes popular. An Android app is also in the works.


An App That’s Better Than The Pros At Detecting Skin Cancer?


An App That's Better Than The Pros At Detecting Skin Cancer?An app equipped with a “dermascope attachment”, which is a special kind of magnifying lens, may be better than the professionals at detecting skin cancer.

With an 85 percent accuracy, what is being dubbed the DermoScan, could predict skin cancer as well as their human counterpart-specialists in the field who of course are called dermatologists. Your all-around PC, or Primary Care Physician/(general) medical doctor would be outwitted, though, by this very special healthcare app.

The University of Houston has come up with this smartphone app idea. Yet because of the tricky field of human health and, may I add, the blessing that has come of the news that the National Institutes of Health have come up with a substantial grant of over $400,000 the future is looking quite bright for this whole project to be a success.

The NIH know that they have to make sure that the software is up to scratch, and that the apparatus onboard is sufficient,  to screen for the deadly, skin eating bacteria known as Buruli ulcer. Buruli ulcer being an overriding concern, as it is so devastating.

2015 will make a decade that this skin cancer detecting app has been in the pipeline. And conceivably, 2014 could come and go without the project being completed and the app still not becoming available to the public.

There is no doubt that those special interest groups and individuals shouldn’t get their hopes riding sky high on this particular app either, as things are shaping up so that the purpose served will be a very specific one. One in which special, patient care and consideration, time and money have been applied. Because, ultimately it will be meant for the practical niche of helping under-developed regions of the world, or rural out of the way areas, where ample detection technology doesn’t exist, and/or specialists can’t be located with any ease, to deal with testing, treating, and diagnosing skin cancer.

– Rich Casale


Forgot Where You Parked Your Car? This Android App Can Help You Find It


Forgot Where You Parked Your Car? This Android App Can Help You Find ItAuto Finder for Android helps you locate where you parked your car.

Once you’ve prked your car, Auto Finder for Android remembers that location for you, using your devices mapping capabilities.

The app also will give you directions back to your car.

Auto Finder for Android is a free app.


Trivia App QuizUp Releases Android Version


Trivia App QuizUp Releases Android VersionQuizUp has released an Android version of their popular quiz app. QuizUp presents users with quiz topics in many categories ranging from current events, to music, to medical terminology, and many more.

Users can also create their own customized quiz and let other users answer questions.

QuizUp lets you battle head-to-head with other users. You can invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to a quiz battle, or, you can opt to let QuizUp match you up with another user at random.

Now, Android users can have the same fun that iOS users currently enjoy playing QuizUp.


Path Update Finally Brings Video to Android


Path Update Finally Brings Video to AndroidAfter an incredible three-year wait, semi-private social network Path has finally brought its Android app up-to-date with its iOS counterpart by introducing a video capture feature.

Such a wait for a feature that Apple users already have – and are probably bored off by now – might be too long for most Android users, many of whom will be getting their kicks from alternative apps such as Instagram and Vine. However, those that have stuck by Path despite its lack of such a basic offering will now be able to record up to 30 seconds of video and add a selection of Instagram style filters to it.

Path version 3.4 allows the capturing and sharing of video from within the application and is brilliantly easy to use: simply press and hold the camera button. Once a video is captured, a range of pre-selected filters that can be applied before the video is shared on your private timeline, alongside text, location, and photo uploads.

“Path is the trusted place for your personal life. It’s where you can be yourself, stay close to the people who matter most, and share life instead of links. Path gives you complete control over what you share, and who you choose to share with. With its beautiful design and simple experience, Path maintains a 5 star rating and is loved by millions of people – and it’s ad-free,” says the Play Store description.

The new feature is compatible with all Android devices running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above and is available to download now free. Whether the update captures the attention of users like the app did on its original release remains to be seen, but with such a wait, it’s hard to imagine Vine and Instagram will be quaking in their boots.

– Anthony Carter