Microsoft Hands Over Their Display Ad Business To AOL


Microsoft Hands Over Their Display Ad Business To AOLAn anonymous source has reported that Microsoft is gearing up to shutter their Web display advertising business and will turn over control to AOL and AppNexus.

The source, who asked not to be named, says that the move will affect 1,200 jobs at the Washington-based technology company with some being offered other positions within the company and others being laid off.

No details concerning the financial numbers of the move were discussed.

This decision is part of the larger mission that chief executive officer Satya Nadella has outlined for Microsoft over the past few months, a mission that has a trifecta of goals at its core: business productivity, more innovative personal computing and cloud platform expansion.

In the process, the company’s workforce has undergone a selective trimming process in line with the vision of Nadella in addition to acquiring smaller mobile and cloud software manufacturers to fold into Microsoft.

Representatives for the company declined to comment when contacted.

Christopher A. Smith


Another Search Giant, Another Driverless Car – This One’s From Baidu


Baidu Abandons Japanese Search MarketThere looks to be another online web company that will enter the budding world of driverless cars, and it will be a slightly surprising entry at that.

Baidu, the Internet search giant from China, made the announcement that it will produce its own autonomous car at the recent China Cloud Computing Conference.

Senior vice president Jin Wang said that Baidu will work with a auto manufacturer to be named later.

The car is expected to make its official debut in the second half of this year.

Baidu had made remarks that it would go down this path, and has worked with BMW on semi-autonomous vehicle technology in the past.

The chief of the company’s deep learning laboratory, Kai Yu, has also stated that the company doesn’t concur with Google’s autonomous car vision and would craft a design that would give the driver more freedom in the car but retain the normal pedals.

This new information will no doubt ramp up the quest by Google to have their own driverless vehicle approved for the public once it gets through extensive testing.

Christopher A. Smith


Salesforce Has Been Approached By A Potential Buyer


Salesforce Has Been Approached By A Potential BuyerSalesforce has been approached by a potential buyer, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The company saw their value rise by 11.6 in trading after the news was released. Salesforce is now valued at around $49 billion.

If a deal were to happen, it would be the largest takeover of a software company.

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Jeff Bezos: “Amazon Web Services is a $5 billion business”


Jeff Bezos: “Amazon Web Services is a $5 billion business"Jeff Bezos said in a statement that “Amazon Web Services is a $5 billion business and still growing fast — in fact it’s accelerating.”

Amazon Web Services saw a revenue increase of 49 percent in the last year.

According to this report, an analyst has said that Amazon Web Services has sales 10 times greater than Microsoft’s cloud offering.


CenturyLink To Acquire Orchestrate


CenturyLink To Acquire OrchestrateCenturyLink has acquired Orchestrate, a database company.

Orchestrate announced the deal in a blog post on their website:

“Today we are excited to announce Orchestrate is joining the CenturyLink team…The same great service that our customers have come to love will continue expanding and improving…thanks to all our users and customers…We are glad we can continue to work with the folks who, perhaps more than any single group, shaped Orchestrate into the service it is today.”

Richard Seroter, Director of Product Management at CenturyLink, said in a blog post “Orchestrate caught our attention when we saw how well it performed on CenturyLink Cloud last year. We marveled at how easy it was to integrate with Orchestrate when we added them to our Cloud Marketplace earlier this year…This is a bold strategic move for CenturyLink, but most importantly, we believe it’s an exciting message to our overall developer community.”


IBM Picks Up Explorys and Phytel


IBM Picks Up Explorys and PhytelIBM has acquired two tech startups: Explorys and Phytel.

Phytel offers cloud-based services in the healthcare space.

Explorys, also a healthcare startup, specializes in intelligence data.

Stephen McHale, CEO and co-founder, Explorys said “Every encounter that a patient has across the continuum of care spins off a meaningful piece of data that can help tell the whole story about an individual’s health to improve the quality and effectiveness of their care…Information is changing the way care is delivered and paid for. The combination of Explorys technology with IBM’s powerful Health Cloud and Watson cognitive capabilities will expand the reach of health insights so that Big Data can finally be used more easily to transform healthcare. This relationship will not only accelerate but enhance many of the projects underway with our provider organizations.”

Steve Schelhammer, CEO of Phytel, said “Phytel was founded on the principle of delivering patients continuous proactive care and providing collective information about the ongoing health of patients across entire communities…By combining our powerful population health management capabilities with the cognitive insight of IBM, once the acquisition closes, together we will help providers turn insight into action to improve health quality.”


Oracle Introduces Retail Cloud Services


Oracle Introduces Retail Cloud ServicesOracle has launched a new group of six Retail Cloud Services.

The services are meant to “provide retailers with rapid access to enterprise-grade applications for managing critical e-commerce, customer engagement, order management, order fulfillment, loss prevention, and brand compliance operations.”

Jill Puleri, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail, said “Retailers looking for agility, performance, and cost predictability are increasingly considering the cloud…The new Oracle Retail Cloud Services help eliminate the time and cost constraints that too often hamper retailers’ ability to respond to new opportunities for growth. Just as important, Oracle Retail Cloud Services allow retailers to focus on their business and work on strategic projects that add value to the business.”

She added “IT departments need to deliver meaningful value to the business in time frames that are measured in months…Oracle Retail Cloud Services dramatically accelerate deployments and help retail IT executives shift their focus from system maintenance to business innovation.”


IBM To Invest Heavily In Internet Of Things Division


IBM To Invest Heavily In Internet of Things DivisionIBM will invest $3 billion in their Internet of Things division.

The service will be a cloud-based solution to help businesses design and offer such services as building sensors and home appliances.

IBM already a few major companies on board — Continental AG and Pratt & Whitney are two.

Read here for further details about this story.


Google Play Now Allows You To Upload 50,000 Songs For Free


Google Play Now Allows You To Upload 50,000 Songs For FreeGoogle Play Music has upped the storage limit for users to upload songs to 50,000 songs.

Google announced the new limit in a blog post, writing “Today we are expanding the music storage limit on Google Play. Now you can store 50,000 songs for free and stream or download them them to your phone, tablet, computer or Chromecast.”

You don’t need to pay for a subscription to take advantage of the music storage.

After signing on here, you’ll see instructions to being the upload process.

You can upload folders, or, you can upload your iTunes library. Your music will be available to stream from most devices.


Are You A Dropbox User? Get 100GB Of Storage From OneDrive For Free


Are You A Dropbox User? Get 100GB Of Storage From OneDrive For FreeOneDrive is offering an attractive deal for Dropbox users: 100GB of free storage for one year.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, you’ll need to first go here to log into OneDrive and verify your account.

Microsoft’s OneDrive provides file hosting. The service was previously known as SkyDrive.