Smartwatches Are Being Banned By Colleges Due To Cheating Fears


Here's A Smartwatch That Can Use iOS And AndroidAs smartwatches gain more and more popularity, they’ve also crossed into other areas of life outside of communication and fitness purposes.

Sometimes, that crossover can lead to problems.

Especially as colleges are now finding that they’re being used to help students cheat on their exams.

To that end, colleges are now beginning to enact bans on wearable tech like the Apple Watch during tests and examinations.

One case where the push has begun in earnest against smartwatches is in Australia.

Two universities in particular, La Trobe University of Melbourne and the University of New South Wales in Sydney, have gone so far as to ask students to not only remove smartwatches but also to remove traditional wristwatches.

And as a final step, test administrators ask: “Watches of any kind must be placed in a clear resealable bag under your exam chair before the exam begins.”

In the United States, the wearable tech is also banned from ACT and SAT testing rooms along with other portable electronic devices.

Christopher A. Smith


A United States University Has Partnered With A Chinese University To Launch A Technology Institute Next Year


A United States University Has Partnered With A Chinese University To Launch A Technology Institute Next YearThe Pacific Northwest will potentially be home to a prominent new technology research institute, which will be the result of a partnership of two universities from two different nations.

The University of Washington will be partnering with one of the leading research universities in China, Tsinghua University, to create a new learning institute. It will be known as the Global Innovation Exchange with the aim of bolstering the educational foundation of the region’s high-tech industry.

Inspiration for this was also due in part to the recent opening of Cornell Tech in New York City, which was due to a partnership with Cornell University and international partner Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

The announcement was made on Thursday in Seattle, Washington by various academic and business figures of the area.

Microsoft has already promised $40 million to the institute.

Part of the funding will go towards the construction of a campus in downtown Bellevue, Washington.

Faculty will be culled from the University of Washington and Tsinghua University to start, with an eye on other international partners to join in down the line.

The expected opening date will be the fall of next year, offering a masters degree in technology innovation.

Christopher A. Smith


LinkedIn Is Offering Free Trials To

HR Acquired By LinkedIn For $1.5 BillionThe joint venture between LinkedIn and is taking on a more defined shape.

LinkedIn is now offering its users free trial memberships to the online education company.

LinkedIn acquired in April for a staggering $1.5 billion as first reported on this site back then.

They made the move to satisfy the need to provide more content for their users and to give them resources to better equip them as productive employees.

LinkedIn users with premium memberships can avail themselves of a 30-day free trial membership and those without will have the chance to get a 21-day free membership.

Those who don’t have a LinkedIn account, don’t fret: you would get a free trial membership as well, but it would be for a duration of 10 days.

The news represents the possibility of further integration between the two companies.

While you can’t take Lynda courses on LinkedIn just yet, and there are two different subscription forms for each company.

It stands to reason that the trial memberships are a test balloon of sorts for to offer course deals through the professional employee network.

Christopher A. Smith


Nabi Introduces Tablet Rental Service


Fuhu Introduces World's Largest Android TabletIt’s become a common sight: parents looking to get a moment’s peace while out and about, handing their children a tablet to watch videos.

One company has taken notice and is looking to offer a program that would ease the burden on parents’ pockets.

Nabi, the children’s tablet manufacturer, is now offering the Pass Tab subscription service.

For $9.99 a month, users can get a Pass Tab tablet that comes equipped with software which includes educational applications for their child.

Other apps included are Netflix and Google Play.

The company will also take back older Nabi tablets if users have them, but that policy is still being tweaked a bit.

The educational app package will cost $4.99 per month.

Now from this point, it gets slightly more convoluted.

The initial rate of $9.99 per month only comes if you sign a two-year contract; there are one-year plans available but the monthly cost goes up 5 dollars.

Those subscribing will also have to put down a deposit of $40 that you get back once the contract is up.

Early termination however forfeits that deposit and nets a user a $60 early termination fee.

On an upbeat note, Nabi is offering users the chance to own the tablet for only one dollar if you sign the two-year deal, but it will be $20 for one year contract subscribers.

Christopher A. Smith


Chinese Cheaters Busted By Drones


Expansion Of Drone Use Expected In The United StatesIf you’ve ever taken an exam, nine times out of ten you have a story about cheaters during the test or may have dabbled in a little underhanded peeking yourself.

But there may be a new deterrent to that kind of behavior.

In the province of Luoyang, China, educators and administrators have figured that in this day and age cheating does have a greater assist due to technology like smartphones.

So they’ve met the challenge when it comes to the arduous two-day exam called the gaokao.

The exam is required in order for undergraduate students to advance to higher education nationwide.

With the exam’s importance however, has come issues like bribery and the leaking of contents of the tests in past years.

The province took matters into its own hands and are now employing drones to operate in the classrooms as students take the gaokao.

These drones are modified for indoor usage, and hover above the heads of test-takers at 500 meters with a flight duration of a half hour.

The captured video is then relayed to a separate exam room with staff watching.

If someone decides to be underhanded, the drone’s sensors emit alarms to those in the room for them to take punitive action.

With this development, some students may yearn for the days of writing answers on their palms.

Christopher A. Smith


Los Angeles School District To Apple: Give Us Our Money Back!


Los Angeles School District To Apple: Give Us Our Money Back!The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) wants Apple to refund millions of dollars for a program that they are no longer interested in participating in.

According to a report here, the deal had the school district agree to purchase iPads from apple for $768 each, and also buy a curriculum for $200 from Pearson, an Apple subcontractor.

The school district claims that not only were students discovering that the tablets were not operating as they normally should, a third of the 2,100 iPads went missing.

David Holmquist, the school district’s attorney, wrote a letter to Apple, in which he said “While Apple and Pearson promised a state-of-the-art technological solution for ITI [Instructional Technology Initiative, LAUSD’s internal name for the iPad program] implementation, they have yet to deliver it…As we approach the end of the school year, the vast majority of students are still unable to access the Pearson curriculum on iPads.”

He added that the district “will not accept or compensate Apple for new deliveries of [Pearson] curriculum.”

HR Acquired By LinkedIn For $1.5 Billion

HR Acquired By LinkedIn For $1.5 BillionOnline education heavyweight has been acquired by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion.

The deal will consist of 52 percent cash, and the remainder in stock.

“Today, I am thrilled to share the exciting news that has entered into an agreement to be acquired by LinkedIn,” wrote CEO Lynda Weinman, in an article.

She added “When we were approached by LinkedIn, we instantly recognized that the synergy between the two companies offered a match unlike any other…We believe in LinkedIn’s future stewardship and vision, and feel that we have found a perfect cultural fit for our mission…Thank you to all of our members who have supported and contributed to our success.”


Blackboard Acquires Schoolwires


Blackboard Acquires SchoolwiresBlackboard has acquired Schoolwires.

Schoolwires designs and hosts school websites.

Blackboard provides learning management systems for teachers.

Both companies have been active in the edtech space for over a decade, and the deal looks like a natural fit.

The terms and purchase price of the deal have not yet been revealed.


Investors Open Their Wallet For


Investors Open Their Wallet For has received investment in the amount of $186 Million. provides online video tutorials.

The funding came from TPG Capital.

Eric Robison, the chief executive of said “We find that once we get into a company, whether it’s a state government or an academic institution, it tends to be bottom-up…We start small and then we expand. Learners are invested in making sure their skills are up-to-date and there’s a lot to stay up-to-date on.” has been profitable since 1997; bringing in over $150 million in revenue in 2014.


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YourMathGuru Launches The MathGuru Biweekly Olympiad Offers Cash Prizes For Solutions To Math ProblemsThe new MathGuru Biweekly Olympiad (MGBO) which, along with The Problem of The Day, offers cash prizes for solutions to Math Problems. The MGBO, in particular, along with the Olimpiada Quincenal de GurusDeMate (OQGM) from its sister website, the Spanish version, is currently offering 8 awards of over $1,000 each every month!

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