FTC Settles With Alleged Kickstarter Scammer


4,497 projects Successfully Funded By Kickstarter In Last 3 MonthsThe Federal Trade Commission has issued a verdict in the very first case they have heard concerning Internet crowdfunding.

The case, which involved a board-game manufacturer who raised more than $120,000 via a Kickstarter campaign, was resolved by a settlement.

Investigators found that Erik Chevalier had begun the campaign to help produce a board game entitled “The Doom That Came To Atlantic City.”

The game was designed by two notable artists, a fact that Chevalier used to draw attention to his campaign which raked in donations of $75 or more from 1,246 people.

The campaign lasted six months, and instead of sending out copies of the game or even pewter figurines from the game as promised, Chevalier instead used the money to relocate to Portland, Oregon.

In July of 2013, he declared that the project was cancelled. The F.T.C. stepped in and began to take legal action against Mr. Chevalier.

The settlement ruled that he was liable to pay back $111,794 but suspended it because he had no ability to pay.

The board game was eventually made thanks to the contributions of another board-game manufacturing member of the Kickstarter community.

Jessica Rich of the F.T.C. commented on the matter by saying, “Consumers should able to trust their money will actually be spent on the project they funded.”

Christopher A. Smith


Learn How Kickstarter’s Updated Terms Of Use Might Affect You


Learn How Kickstarter's Updated Terms Of Use Might Affect YouKickstarter has updated their terms of use (again) to try and make it fairer and more transparent for both backers and creators.

The most important change to users is that projects no longer have to be approved by Kickstarter staff.

Instead, projects just have to meet a set of basic requirements.

Other updates include stipulations on how money is being used by Kickstarter projects, as well as attempting to improve the success of creators and backers. To that end, Kickstarter now includes a section on what to do if a project goes south.

However, Kickstarter makes it absolutely clear that they do not enforce refunds of any kind. It’s an arrangement between the backer and the creator.

The new terms of use includes a clause that states creators can explain (and then use) a backer’s money in another capacity, or project, to do the same thing. It provides a loophole that could be exploited by creators to never actually deliver a product.

It’s unclear if Kickstarter will retain the quality of its creators and backers once the posting process is automated: it might be that they’ve had their day.

Spencer Grover


SideChef App Talks You Through Your Recipe Creation


SideChef Primary LogoSideChef is an app that helps you cook by walking you through the instructions as you go.

It’s almost like a read-out-loud cookbook to help you along.

Funded on Kickstarter, it has been released on iPads, and now you get get it on the iPhone as well.

It’s functionality includes the ability to search it’s 1,000 strong recipe repository for dishes based on what you have on hand. Plus, it has integrated voice command to preserve your screen from gunky hands.

Download the app from the App Store here.

Spencer Grover


A Business Card With A USB Interface


A Business Card With A USB InterfaceCash might be going out. Checks might be going out. Even paper might be going out. But business never dies.

As such, business cards are still on the rise. And companies are looking to capitalize on the immortality of person-to-person contact. Now, there’s a company that is producing business cards that double as a paper USB device. With some clever engineering, SwivelCard allows cardholders to print their contact details while simultaneously offering potential business associates a digital file to better understand their work. The paper business card is patented and receives funding from Kickstarter investors. With already $20,000 (more than double the production price) and over a month to continue raising money, SwivelCard is adding up to be another successful Kickstarter project. The cards are selling for $29 mini, $79 mini, and $289 full so if you want the newest tech in business interaction, it won’t be cheap.

Shane Deitch


The Big List Of Kickstarter Resources


The Big List Of Kickstarter Resources

The American middle class is shrinking. Or better yet, it’s shriveling. More people are working for huge corporations and fewer are opening up local businesses. As a result, executives are making more money than ever before, their employees are making less, and the wealth disparity is increasing exponentially.

Many people who want to start their own businesses simply don’t have the funds to do so. Now, there’s a website to help you raise the money you need to launch the business that you just wouldn’t be able to fund yourself: Kickstarter. All you do is post your plan and wait for people to invest. Unfortunately, this is more daunting than it sounds. And it sounds pretty daunting. Here are a few useful websites to help you kickstart your Kickstarter project.


arqspin_cleanArqspin is a revolutionary way to get 360 photography without using any extra equipment. Just pick up your pre-owned DSLR, iOS, or any android phone to click 360 photographs. Kickstart your online store with this innovative technology, Arqspin. Give your viewers a better experience for earning additional revenue.


Crowdfunding dojoLearn the way to make winning kickstarter campaign videos. This exhaustive article explains the various methods available to make the best video you can and takes you through the process of creating successful videos for your Kickstarter campaign. Crowdfunding Dojo can be called “the bible for Kickstarters”, as it shares valuable information in the form of trends, tips, and tricks for a winning Kickstarter campaign.


calculatorFinance is an essential aspect of any project. Before you embark upon your Kickstarter project, it is wise to calculate the financial aspects of the campaign. Use the calculator built especially for the Kickstarters to get an idea of the funds flow, so that they may invest wisely in their projected campaign.


kickstarter badge

The masters of Kickstarter projects have penned some tips or shortcuts to make you successful in your Kickstarter campaign. This tutorial focuses upon raising a whopping $100,000 in 10 days. Check out the tips for a successful project.


KickTotal is a kicktotaltool that helps Kickstarters plan project costs effectively. Crowdfunding a project should yield suitable returns. Ascertaining the costs involved and finalizing returns is an essential step to making any Kickstarter campaign a success. Check out KickTotal here.


StatsStatistics are an accurate measure of the performance of any project. Kickstarter’s stats tool is used to track the success rate of funding, amount pledged, and the performance of all the projects. The stats page gets automatically updated about once a day. It helps Kickstarters create successful projects.



Kickingitforward is an innovative online program established to help Kickstarters fulfill their goals. It distinguishes itself from other Kickstarters’ help tools. The successfully funded and finished projects agree to pay 5% of their profits to the striving Kickstarters. Get support from people like yourself, and get motivated. Kick it forward with Kickingitforward.


kickfailureHave a look at the failed and funny projects at Kickfailure to be sure you don’t end up doing the same. Analyze the ideas that failed to climb the ladder of success.


kickstandGet your own WordPress website and install the eCommerce store theme Kickstand to run your own store. This theme is especially targeted toward graduates who want to kick their project. Kickstand is a fully responsive theme with features such as social media buttons, newsletter sign up form, photo gallery, video embeds, etc. The store can be used to sell one to five products.


tinylightbulbsTinylightbulbs is a post-crowdfunding store where Kickstarters can sell their products easily. TLB ships the 3D-printed prototypes in a cost-effective manner. Check it out, here.


outgrowOutgrow.me showcases successfully crowdfunded projects. You can buy from the innovative products made by visionary owners, and funded by helpful backers. There’s no need to wait for the completion of these products as they are ready to be shipped. Click here for the site.


teelaunch-logoEvery crowdfunding project needs a t-shirt guy. Teelaunch makes it easy for you to get the customized t-shirts on time. The smart guys at Teelaunch ship the products within 1-2 days of the order placement. The quality of the t-shirts is simply superb, and the digital prints are long lasting. Their prices are very competitive, and these guys are always available for help. Their product range includes t-shirts, golf ball, USB flash drive, tote bag, mug, and iPhone case.


Kicksaver is a non-commercial project designed to save struggling Kickstarter kicksaverprojects. Kicksaver finds out the ending soon and small projects categories a couple of times a day to figure out those projects that are finishing shortly. This application, written in Python, doesn’t show real-time data. It collects data using BeautifulSoup and updates the Twitter feed using Tweepy.


BackerkitBackerKit assists you in organizing a complex project by handling post-crowdfunding troubles so that you can finish your project on time. A Kickstarter can view, track, and edit backer information. It lets you easily manage your project by separately displaying what you can give yourself, your backers, and fulfillment partners. Various features of the BackerKit program include handling international shipping fees, correcting pledge errors, smoothly taking pre-orders, etc. It’s easy to ship your rewards with the BackerKit Postage. If you have ended fundraising, take the help of BackerKit to make the things fall into place.


swishSwish is a website for the people who hunt for the coolest stuff on the planet. It’s a place where the best pre-orders are showcased from all over the web. There is no connection of these products with the company. Swish sells some products directly. It guarantees the delivery of an order placed on Swish website. Either it delivers the order within a year or it gives your money back. They charge $2 per address along with postage fee to pack and ship items.



Kickspy is an online platform where Kickstarters can share their projects and get support from Kickstarter backers. It’s an instant way to find, explore, and monitor Kickstarter projects. It’s quite easy to check out trending topics and see which projects are successful. As a Kickstarter project owner, it’s essential to learn what interests Kickstarter backers. By tracking the most backed and the highest earning projects, you can almost read the minds of the backers. This helps a Kickstarter project owner come up with a winning strategy for his project, which then has a better chance of being successful. Kickspy’s suggestion functionality is a boon for Kickstarters. The backers are able to give valuable recommendations about your projects. If you have begun, or if you are about to begin a Kickstarter project, Kickspy is one of the best places to share your dream project, and learn more about other projects too.


For a few more tips, try these sites:

A Kickstarter’s Guide to Kickstarter

A No-Name Developer’s Guide to Succeeding on Kickstarter

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The Guide to Creating a Great Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter Legal Guide

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A Warts-and-All Guide to Kickstarter: What Works and What Doesn’t (Plus Where We Royally Screwed Up)


PR Tools to help your Kickstarter campaign














Or these great Kickstarter books:

Kickstarter For Dummies 

The Kickstarter Handbook: Real-Life Success Stories of Artists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs 

KICKSTARTER: How to Meet or Exceed Your Kickstarter Goal 

Kickstarter Power: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign Kit Also for Indiegogo 

Kickstarter for Filmmakers: Plan and Execute Your Next Crowd Funding Campaign 

How to Crack the Kickstarter Code: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Guide 

Kickstarter: A Guide for Normal People 

Kickstarter Success Secrets 

Unlocking Kickstarter Secrets: Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarter and Indiegogo: Crowdfunding Secrets Revealed 

A Kickstarter’s Guide to Kickstarter 

Crowdfunding and Kickstarter: The Ultimate Guide: How to Raise Money by Running an Amazing Online Campaign 

Kickstarter Kit for Home & Family Blogs – Ideas for Your Blog for the Year 

Kickstarter for Non-US Residents 

The Ultimate Kickstarter Guidebook: A Proven Formula For Crowdfunding Success 


Or these Google Chrome extensions:

Kickstarter Status Board

Kicktraq (Also available as a Firefox Add-On



And finally, check out this Kickstarter WordPress plugin:

Kickstarter Tracker Widget 


Indiegogo Launches iOS App


Indiegogo Launches iOS AppThe world’s first and largest crowd-funding platform, Indiegogo, has raised an astounding $40 million in Series B funding this year alone. Like KickStarter, you can choose a cool project that you want to back and offer them some of the funds they need to get their project running.

CEO Slava Rubin has pushed the company into 190,000 campaigns from 190 different countries. And now, the international crowdfunder is going mobile with the launch of their iOS app.

Indiegogo is available on the iTunes store and is coming soon to Android devices.

Shane Deitch


Earbuds As Fitness Monitor?


Earbuds As Fitness Monitor?FreeWavz, a kick-starter project founded by Dr. Eric Hensen, replaces the fitness wristband with fitness earbuds.

These smart-earbuds will be able to track your steps, heartbeat, and O2 saturation while also playing music and waiting for voice-command, all via bluetooth. Although the company is still in its kick-starter phase (as in literally on the fundraising website Kickstarter), the business plan looks promising enough to raise the full $300,000 that it set out to in order to begin production. As of now, the company raised about a third of that amount and can provide earphones in three colors (green, blue, and pink).

If you have a problem with wires getting in the way of your work-out routine or a bulky smartphone scraping against your legs when you go running, check out this up-and-coming product.

Shane Deitch


Mobile App Search Engine Relcy Gets Funding


Mobile App Search Engine Relcy Gets FundingThe soon-to-be-released mobile app search engine, Relcy, has garnered over $9 million in funding from venture capitalist companies, Khosla Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

Relcy will allow users to optimize their mobile search results by linking info across applications and across platforms. According to the creators of the app, the problem with the current search engines available on mobile phones and tablets is that almost all apps are designed for specific purposes and searching through these to find the right one can be arduous.

To better elucidate the purpose of Relcy, consider this analogy:

A series of specialty flower stores are scattered across your local community. You need to buy daffodils, your wife’s favorite flower, but you don’t know where to find them. Rather than driving around town, looking for the right specialty store, you can use an app to find the right flower store for you in a matter of seconds. Now, replace “flower store” with “application.” Relcy is an app to help you find the apps that are right for you.

Shane Deitch


ANTVR Kit Provides Open Source, Cross-Platform VR Gaming


ANTVR Kit Provides Open Source, Cross-Platform VR GamingCurrently a Kickstarter project, the ANTVR Kit will provide and open source, cross-platform virtual reality, gaming solution.

ANTVR writes on their Kickstarter project page “The headset is equipped with Full HD display (1920×1080, 1.03 megapixel per eye). The sharp picture is projected onto your retina through the aspherical lens without distorting the image, allowing every pixel to remain in sharp focus.”

Additionally, “While wearing the headset, you’re surrounded by the largest 4:3 standard screen in the world, which gives you a 100° diagonal field of view. This gives users an IMAX-like experience in the comfort of their own homes.”


Kickstart The 360 Degree Camera Invention Hatched By Ex-Apple Engineers


Kickstart The 360 Degree Camera Invention Hatched By Ex-Apple EngineersA 360 degree camera invention has been hatched by a bunch of ex-Apple (camera)engineers in a startup called CENTR. The big playback feature is that the person watching is privy to see a pan around the thing/person/place being filmed. And it is to fit in the palm of a one’s hand.

Kickstarter pre-ordering has begun with a price-tag for the not-too-heavy-at-all device at $299. That is for a limited number of  devices.

The actual price is $400.

For those in the know, and ready to click and go, GoPro mounts will be what you want to use to get a nice-n-steady shot.

Don’t get too excited, though, it’s not known at present if the camera is actually going to be produced. Though, my tip is to take these guys seriously and check out their promotional video. CENTR have worked with the military as well as at least one of the major national sports TV networks.

Here is how it looks right now on Kickstarter for the future of the revolutionary device that can capture 360: From a $900k goal, day 1 0f 30 has already seen $130k raised.

Go to Kickstarter, if you are so inclined, and help ’em out!

And get ready to capture everything! It’s called a Center Cam, by the way.

– Rich Casale