Looking For A Second Screen For Your Mac Or PC? Check Out Duet Display


ipad-mini-retina-transparentFor those enterprising multitaskers out there who may have always wanted to, or who miss the ability to maximize their computer screen space with two monitors, a new product has emerged that may fit the bill and put your idle tablet to use.

The Duet Display app, created by former Apple engineer Rahul Dewan, is designed to give users maximum productivity and full usage of devices they may not utilize on a regular basis.

As Dewan says, “If you have an iPad, you already have that second screen. With Duet, you can finally use it. Otherwise, your $700 device is just sitting there.”

The app is designed to be used with wired connections, different from others that focus on making the connections between the device and the computer in Wi-Fi mode.

That method can lead to drops in connectivity depending on the broadband strength.

Duet Display was originally released to work only with Macs and iPads, and last week debuted a version of the app for PC’s which should be a boon to those users. The app also emphasizes the touch technology that is a signature of Apple products, as well as the Retina technology of the iPad.

Best of all, it boasts a simple set-up process and power saving capabilities for older computers.

Christopher A. Smith


Microsoft To Offer $149 Windows 10 Laptops


Microsoft To Offer $149 Windows 10 LaptopsMicrosoft will begin selling a $149 Windows 10 laptop.

The new laptop will complete with Google Chromebooks .

The device would be geared towards the low-end user; used primarily for web surfing and social media.

According to this report, the laptop will use Intel’s Bay Trail platform which is currently used for tablets such as the Asus Transformer Book and Lenovo ThinkPad 10.

The Windows 10 laptop will most likely launch with an 11.6in model.


“USB Killer” Flash Drive Can Destroy Laptops


"USB Killer" Flash Drive Can Destroy LaptopsThe “USB Killer” is a flash drive that is designed to destroy laptops.

The device was described in detail on a Russian blogging site in February.

As reported here, the “drive uses an inverting DC-to-DC converter to draw power from the computer’s USB port in order to charge a capacitor bank to -110 Volts (negative voltage). The power is then sent back into the USB interface via a transistor and the process is repeated in a loop.”

Hacking site Hackaday reports that “The combination of high voltage and high current is enough to defeat the small TVS diodes on the bus lines and successfully fry some sensitive components—and often the CPU…USB is typically integrated with the CPU in most modern laptops, which makes this attack very effective.”


Windows Defender Can Now Remove Superfish


Windows Defender Can Now Remove SuperfishWindows Defender, Microsoft’s anti-virus software has been updated to remove Superfish, the adware that Lenovo preloaded on laptops. Lenovo has since apologized for their actions.

As reported here, SSL certificates that were modified by Superfish will be reset by Windows defender.

If you’re a Windows user, you should update your version of Defender and run a scan as soon as possible.

You can check to see if your computer is infected with Superfish from this page.


Lenovo Explains Why They Preloaded The Superfish Adware: “We thought the product would enhance the shopping experience”


Lenovo Explains Why The Preloaded The Superfish Adware: "We thought the product would enhance the shopping experience"Lenovo, in a news release, issued an apology and explanation as to why they pre-installed the Superfish adware on new laptops, saying “We thought the product would enhance the shopping experience…We apologize for causing any concern to any users.”

They went on to explain that Superfish was no longer being preloaded onto their computers “We stopped the preloads beginning in January. We shut down the server connections that enable the software.”

And in an attempt to reassure their business customers, they said “this software has never been installed on any enterprise product — servers or storage — and these products are in no way impacted.”

They added “…we are going to spend the next few weeks digging in on this issue, learning what we can do better. We will talk with partners, industry experts and our users. We will get their feedback.”

Lenovo has damaged the trust between themselves and their customers, and indeed, the entire community of computer users.

Many users are upset and angered by this incident. In fact, the company behind Superfish is currently experiencing a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service), as reported here by Forbes.


Lenovo Shipped Laptops With Pre-Installed Adware


Lenovo Shipped Laptops With Pre-Installed AdwareIt’s difficult enough for computer users battling all sorts of malware nowadays; it’s even more distressing when you learn that the new laptop you just purchased came pre-installed with adware — preloaded purposefully by the laptop manufacturer!

Lenovo was shipping their laptops with the Superfish adware pre-installed.

According to this report, the adware was inserting ads onto browsers of infected machines.

Lenovo told the BBC “Lenovo removed Superfish from the preloads of new consumer systems in January 2015. At the same time Superfish disabled existing Lenovo machines in the market from activating Superfish.”

They added “Superfish was preloaded on to a select number of consumer models only. Lenovo is thoroughly investigating all and any new concerns raised regarding Superfish.”

Users are understandably furious on learning of the issue. A security expert, Professor Alan Woodward of Surrey University said “It is annoying. It is not acceptable. It pops up adverts that you never asked for. It is like Google on steroids.”

Woodward added “This bit of software is particularly naughty. People have shown that it can basically intercept everything and it could be really misused…If someone went to, say, the Bank of America then Superfish would issue its own certificate pretending to be the Bank of America and intercept whatever you are sending back and forth.”

As to Lenovo’s motivations about this, Woodward said “Lenovo is being very coy about this but it needs to explain how long it has been doing this, what the scale is and where all the data it has collected is being stored…There will be remnants of it left on machines and Lenovo does not ship the disks that allow people to do a clean install.”

This incident could pose a major threat to the Lenovo brand name. How does Lenovo restore trust with their users after something like this?


Laptops Move Closer To 24 Hour Battery Life


Laptops Move Closer To 24 Hour Battery LifeSome new laptops are promising increasing battery life.

The Panasonic Toughbook 31’s battery delivers a lengthy 18 hours of life; and with an additional battery, 27 hours.

Other laptops with extended battery life include the Dell XPS 13 (15-22 hours), the Lenovo XPS 13 (up to 20 hours).

Check out more on this story here.


Chromebook Users: Migrate Your Windows And App Files To The Cloud With Intel’s Easy Migration App


Chromebook Users: Migrate Your Windows And App Files To The Cloud With Intel's Easy Migration AppIntel has launched a new app to assist users in moving their files from Windows, Android, and iOS devices to a Chromebook.

Since Chromebooks come with limited storage, Easy Migration moves files directly to the cloud.

Users have the choice of using a quick migration, or custom migration setting.

The app allows the user to pause operations, and pick up where they left off.

The app is free and is available at the Apple App store, the Google Play store, and also from the Easy Migration page, for PC users.


MacBook Pro Class Action Lawsuit Now Includes Canada


MacBook Pro Class Action Lawsuit Now Includes CanadaIt seems both halves of North America are united in laying the groundwork to sue Apple, as Canada is now filing a class-action lawsuit (against Apple Canada), as the United States has petitioned and filed doing the same with Apple in the states already, over problems concerning the MacBook Pro’s GPU.

Montreal’s legal team, Lex Group Attorneys are handling the case, against Apple Canada.

It has been asserted that matters relating to written and pictorial representation issues, inherent in the design flaws of certain 2011 MacBook Pros, make the notebook completely unusable.

The case against the MacBook Pro breaks things down, as graphical artifacts, pixelation, ghosting, and severe screen distortion, are all put under critical examination.

No one can be expected to use a notebook with so many issues plaguing it.

– Rich Casale


Chromebooks For Work Takes Aim At Businesses


Toshiba Chromebook 2 Available October 5thChromebooks are entering the enterprise market with gusto.

Google now offers Chromebook for Work, a suite of tools and tricks to use the ultra slimmed down, Linux/cloud-based laptops at the enterprise level.

For $50 per Chromebook per year, it’s an extremely attractive option, especially since subscriptions can be transferred in the event of problems.

Chromebooks for work includes features like better WiFi, integration with remote Windows, easier deployment, dual accounts and single sign on, and better graphics so they can run newly-integrated programs like Adobe Creative Suite.

The new Chromebooks offers an affordable solution to enterprise companies based largely on the premise that a Chromebook does everything the competition does, but at a fraction of the cost.

Spencer Grover