4 Great Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks


5 Great Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks Backlinks play a very important role in page ranking as they work as an inbound hyperlink from one web page to another website. With the help of quality backlinks, SEO specialists get pages ranked high in Google search results.

Here are the top 4 ways to build quality backlinks:

1. By actively participating in forums

Being actively engaged in forums help in a huge way. This is because your vigorous participation in forums influence the SERP’S, and help build backlinks of high quality.  It also benefits by creating relationships and interactions, especially with other marketers. Active participation in forums is essential, so that your blog can grow and build high quality backlinks.

2. By creating interesting videos

Another interesting way of building quality backlinks is to create videos and submit them to YouTube. This is a very common technique used by marketers these days to increase their backlinks. Remember to add your links to the videos you’ve created. You can freely record your own videos by using Screenr. You can record videos on different topics and tutorials, like how to install WordPress, and other subjects.

3. By Social Media Marketing

People who are quite active online, and spend their time surfing the Internet, access many social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and other sites. These social networking sites can be used as an effective medium to communicate with those who are accessing them, and to build a reputation. You can communicate with them about your products, skills as well as expertise, and explain to them how you can help their business and revenue increase. Since people try to find new ways of growing revenue, they’ll surely come back to you if you can prove your point to them. You must market yourself very well with the help social media tools and thereby gain backlinks for your site.

4. Interviews

It might sound strange, but interviews might help you gain quality backlinks. Interview people of interest, related to your topic of business. Create a page on your website, post the interview there, then have your interview subject offer your page link containing their interview, to their associates, friends, and connections. If the interview becomes popular, it’ll get linked.

– Ady Sachdeva


What To Do If Your Search Rankings Disappear


What to do if your search rankings disappear


There can be numerous reasons why the search rankings of your website might get get eliminated. The reasons for such disappearances are not as important as to whether whether you’re prepared for the day when this happens.



Below are a few points that will help you handle such situations:


1. Link quality control

Whether you are building links on your own, or, outsourcing them, it’s necessary to audit your link profile. Review them and decide what you would like to remove. For this, you can open up Webmaster Tools and view the sites that have the most links. If you find any site-wide links, replace them with single links, if possible.

Check if any particular anchor text has been used more than 20 per cent of your inbound links. In that case, you might be at risk and need to change the anchor text.

In the third scenario, if you are buying links or building private link networks, you should stop it completely. All these links are supposed to get eliminated at some point. In any case, if these links are discounted by Google, you will lose all future value. Besides, when you buy more links, it gets riskier.

2.  Website Design

If you read the Google guidelines, you’ll learn that it states specifically that while creating a page, you should aim for users, rather than search engines. You can’t guarantee ranking by following this guideline, but violating it might get you penalized.

Website design is an important factor, especially when it comes to doubling traffic by doubling conversion rates of sites. Many sites do this. When you create good design, it earns natural links.

Below are some specific tips to leverage user experience:

  • Use a responsive design
  • Learn to set up split tests along with other statistical testing techniques.
  • Conduct user tests and find out the way your target audience interacts with the site
  • Try to find out consumer psychology and use it while creating design of the site

 3.  Modern on-site SEO

On-site SEO is not just limited to keyword placement. Pages that don’t serve their purpose are at risk of Panda penalization and similar algorithmic demotions. Pages made for AdSense, or, pages that use ads, are also highly at risk. Pages with repetitive keyword use also face similar risks.

4. Aim for zero site errors

Errors can really harm a site that is otherwise of high quality. Check for errors in Google Webmaster Tools, and eliminate the ones that are visible. Later, you can use tools like Moz.

Some common SEO errors that can be avoided include 404 pages, redirects except for 301, no product descriptions, long title tags, missing meta descriptions, poor internal linking, no robots.txt, and no sitemap.

5.  Refine content

Consider your existing pages and see the number of pages that are contributing significant traffic. If any content is not meeting the standards, you should eliminate or fix it.

6. Build quality links

Unless it is from one of the top sites in your industry, don’t just keep building links. You should start building links that meet quality criteria.  You should build links that bring credibility and improve your conversion rates.

7.  Social traction

There is no major direct impact of Social media activity on ranking, but they are an important and powerful source for SEO. If your site lacks social media activity, it won’t harm your rankings. There are certain situations where social media helps in a huge way, which successfully impacts on ranking. If your page offers social networks, you can expect it to gain more authority.

 – Ady Sachdeva


SEO Tips For Websites With Infinite Scrolling


SEO Tips For Websites With Infinite Scrolling

Although websites offering infinite scrolling pages are liked by users, Googlebot never appreciates them. This is because infinite scrolling doesn’t allow search engines to access the site as a user, if they do not possess the ability to scroll to the bottom of a page. Ability to click to “load more” or to click to load the next page in a series is also required in this case.

Without the ability to access content, the search engine spiders cannot make it appear in search results. With infinite scrolling, most spiders normally can’t access content, which reduces the chance of the content appearing in search results.

To ensure that Googlebot can access all the linked items in a website with infinite scrolling, the webmaster or the CMS administrator need to create a paginated series that coincides with the infinite scroll.

Google states that when changed to a paginated series, infinite scrolling pages become more search friendly. The reason is that a paginated series offers each component page a related Meta title. This Meta title comes with rel=next/prev values declared in the tag.

A demo has been created by John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, for infinite scroll pagination. The demo explains two primary search engine friendly characteristics of an infinite scroll page. They are:

  • All individual items are accessible.
  • Every single item is listed just once in the paginated series.

Google offers many other SEO tips for Infinite Scrolling pages. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Break up the content of your infinite-scroll page into component pages. This will make it easy to access the content even when JavaScript is disabled.
  • Ensure that when visitors come to a page directly, they can easily find the things they are looking for on that particular page.
  • Each page should have a decent load time.
  • There should be no overlap in content between each component page.
  • It’s important that each component page possess a full URL, which can be accessed separately. “rel=next” and “rel=prev” values in the tag – this pagination should be configured with each component page.
  • Implement pushState for any action done by a user that looks like a click or rotating of a page.
  • Check if the page values adjust as the user scrolls up or down.

Once you start applying the above tips, you will be able to ensure that your pages with infinite scroll become fully search engine friendly. All the content on your site will also become accessible to Google’s crawlers.

– Ady Sachdeva


Top Ten SEO Tools for Competitive Analysis


Top Ten SEO Tools for Competitive Analysis	Having a collection of SEO tools readily available to help you optimize your site is valuable in the ongoing process of promoting your website. Here is our list of the Top Ten SEO Tools for Competitive Analysis:

Traffic Travis

SEO training can be started with Traffic Travis SEO tools. The introductory search engine optimization is well-supported. There is a basic and easy-to-use reporting system and competitive analysis tools in Traffic Travis. This SEO tool is suitable for link building as well. With the help of inbound links, your site’s relevance in searches can be improved.


With HubSpot, you can enjoy the services of a complete set of tools for inbound marketing all in one platform. This SEO tool definitely makes marketing easier, and users looking for an SEO tool for their marketing website can get the most of it.


Webmasters looking for easy SEO tools can get their hands on DIYSEO. This tool is now known as UpCity with some new and important SEO tools added to it. The changes made to this tool have not left an impact on the simplicity of its design. It still provides an easy-to-use interface. There’s also good tips for webmasters who are interested in learning how to create a website. The tips for listing a website on Google, Yahoo and Bing are also provided with this tool.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite works better as a keyword research tool. This tool makes SEO optimization easy and affordable. This is a complete package of tools. You won’t have to purchase or run multiple software products at the same time.

Advanced Web Ranking

The company claims that it’s the world’s most accurate SEO software. Advanced Web Ranking features rank and link tracking functionality to help the users gain the best ranking information.  It is available in two forms: Online Web App and Desktop tool.


SEOmoz Pro is now known as the Moz. Moz Analytics software shows your inbound marketing data in one place. There are several plans with different features available. Moz also has a community of users where everybody shares their knowledge of SEO.


Many people recommend SEMrush. SEMrush trains you in SEO topics quickly, and introduces you to the always-changing, online world. There are consistently improved processes and new features in this tool to let SEOs do their best. Some of those features include the new dashboard, through which organic research, advertising research, AdSense, backlinks, keyword research tools, and ranks, are very well possible for the user to maintain. SEMrush provides live updates on the progress of your website, with real-time reports on the performances of keywords.


The very first feature that makes Web CEO Online stand apart from many similar tools is its cloud based SEO Platform. Web CEO Online helps you with the convenience of online access. It delivers quick education in SEO training, with an easy-to-use dashboard for keeping track of several campaigns at once. Its keyword tracking service will help you in either signing up for fixed pricing, or for flexible pricing. There are 10 initial tools in the dashboard and many attractive features, too. The White Label Domain, for example is a feature that allows you to invite clients and allocate responsibilities for clients.


The beginner SEOs who need a little assistance in their first project can opt for a tool like Raven Tools. From Social Media Management, to content marketing and PPC Management, to SEO Software, everything is available with this tool. It helps the SEO in creating content that people want to share, helps PPC professionals in avoiding mistakes, makes social media marketing easier, and makes organic search in marketing simpler for its users.

Market Samurai

The unnecessary steps of search engine optimization are avoided and made simple in the Market Samurai SEO tool. Signing up for the full version makes it easy to navigate the tool and finding the right keyword requires little effort. For keyword generation as well, it’s a handy tool.

– Ady Sachdeva