A Bug Is Wreaking Havoc With iTunes 12.2 Music Libraries


iTunes Radio Logs Over 11 Million Listeners Since Launching 3 Days AgoApple users who accepted the update to iTunes over the past couple of days are none too pleased with a problematic bug.

The new version, iTunes 12.2, was meant to better maintain your music library.

But one key component, iCloud Music Library, has to be enabled.

And in doing so, this component that is meant to sync your tracks actually scrambles the music in your library heavily.

Signs of this are mismatched album art, along with repetitive artist listings.

The issue also impacts those who’ve installed Apple Music on their iPhones as well.

To compound the issue, the iCloud Music Library also affects the original folder where all your music files are stored as well, causing the same jumble.

Music files not purchased through the iTunes Store are especially vulnerable.

Some sources have narrowed down a possible part of the problem – those who signed up for iTunes Match in the past seemed to be the ones who were affected.

Numerous Apple users took to social media and Apple-related forums to vent about their difficulties with the bug.

Apple had no comment about the bug.

Christopher A. Smith



Next iPhone Already In Production


Los Angeles School District To Apple: Give Us Our Money Back!Lovers of all things iPhone related will be pleased to hear that Apple has already gotten underway with production of the next version of the popular smartphone.

Sources close to the company have confirmed the news of production, and have also stated that the new iPhone will have the latest Force Touch technology in addition to having similar design features to the iPhone 6 models on the market.

Force Touch is essentially a feature that can detect the force behind the pressure of a user’s touch on the screen of the device.

The new feature is already at work within the Apple Watch and the trackpad of the new MacBook, but in the iPhone there are a bevy of uses that it could be applied to.

High volume production is expected to commence next month, and the phone versions could be referred to as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus, or, the iPhone 7.

The only complications to the production process could be any unforeseen glitches regarding the quality assurance tests that will be run on the new Force Touch touch screens.

Christopher A. Smith


More Articles Are Coming To Your Facebook Newsfeed


FacebookFor those of you who may have noticed the presence of the latest “Instant Articles” feature on your Facebook newsfeed, get ready to see it increase.

The social media platform is gearing up for more articles to be published via the feature, and sources close to the inner workings claim that the number will be in the dozens on a daily basis.

The publishing project which allows media outlets to post their articles directly to the Facebook app debuted last month, but so far there have been only a few articles released to it.

Major publications like The Atlantic and The New York Times signed up, thanks to a fairly good deal that gives the publications 100 percent of revenue from advertising within the articles themselves.

Facebook is confident that as the articles rise in number, more users will flock to it in droves due to their increased loading speed, especially on mobile phones.

Christopher A. Smith


BlackBerry Continues Downward Slide


BlackBerry Sees 4th Quarter ProfitBlackBerry is now still entrenched in a downturn with no immediate shift in its fortunes, according to recent financial reports issued by the company.

On Tuesday, the Canadian smartphone manufacturer released their earnings for public review.

In them, it was revealed that they only sold a little over a million handsets within the first quarter.

The total reflects a decline from the previous quarter by half a million. BlackBerry also reported lower revenue earnings and $28 million in losses.

The company did see an uptick in their software and patent licensing business, thanks to a deal with Cisco Systems and another unidentified company.

It had been hoped that BlackBerry’s two newest smartphone releases, the Classic and the Passport, would ignite more attention and bring in more users, particularly those in government.

The CEO of the company, John Chen, cited that perhaps the issues regarding the phones was due to paltry marketing and advertising.

On the call to investors in Waterloo, Ontario, Chen stated: “We just need to bring awareness up.”

He remained confident that the company would see a turnaround, and made remarks that they would shift some of their focus from handsets to further software development.

Christopher A. Smith


REPORT: Verizon Is The Fastest


verizon-transThis just in: Verizon now has the fastest mobile data speeds across the United States.

That is, according to the exhaustive annual report released by PCMag.

The report, dubbed Fastest Mobile Networks speed test, measured the 3G, and 4G LTE speeds for Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T respectively.

Tests were conducted within cities across the country, where data speeds varied heavily.

After the research, it was concluded that Verizon had the best data speed on average overall and specifically for 4G LTE.

The latter part is significant because that is currently the premium data speed available for mobile networks and considered a few ticks below broadband cable speed.

So what does this mean for Verizon?

Bragging rights in their next campaign of course, but also the possibility that they’ve got a leg up on the competition in terms of establishing the infrastructure needed to have these high data speeds.

Christopher A. Smith


Teen Killed After Tracking Down His Missing Smartphone


There Are Now More Smartphones Than PCs In BrazilA teen in Canada tried to retrieve his smartphone by tracking its whereabouts and paid the ultimate price for it.

Jeremy Cook, aged 18, left his smartphone in a taxicab over the weekend, which is not exactly an uncommon scenario for people.

Cook used software to track down the location of his smartphone, and made the choice to go after it.

He drove to the location, a parking lot, with his sister at 5 A.M. on Sunday.

Upon arriving, the pair were confronted by three men in a parked car as Cook tried to get his phone back.

The men drove off, and Cook reportedly leapt and grabbed onto the driver side car door.

Police officers arrived on the scene to find Cook dead, apparently as the result of multiple gunshot wounds.

The getaway car was found some blocks away, with the teenager’s stolen phone left within it.

The police are currently on the lookout for the three assailants.

The story is another sad tale of caution for those who utilize tracking apps for their devices to enlist the help of law enforcement instead of trying to get back your stolen property on your own.

Christopher A. Smith


Samsung Will Patch A Major Security Vulnerability


samsung-transIn order to protect their users from a serious security flaw, Samsung Electronics is poised to provide patches on all of their smartphones.

The vulnerability was detected within the Swift Key software on Samsung smartphones.

Specifically, it lies within the update process.

The SwiftKey keyboard software is used to predict emotions and words as one types.

The app can also be obtained from the Apple and Google online stores.

The security risk is present on close to 600 million of their smartphones, and even if the app isn’t used it’s still at play.

In an email on Thursday, the company detailed their plans to make upgrades to their Knox security software to address the problem.

Knox is available on all Samsung smartphones released since 2013 beginning with the S4.

The company had no immediate word on what it plans to do concerning devices older than the S4. The process is expected to take a few days to complete.

Christopher A. Smith


A Video Camera May Be Added To The Apple Watch Next Year


Reuters Poll Predicts 6 Percent Of Americans Will Buy An Apple WatchThe Apple Watch’s next version could have one significant feature that would truly add to the futuristic feel many have come to look for from it.

Among the new potential features for the second generation of the device would include a wireless chip that would make it less dependent on the iPhone and a video camera.

The news comes from numerous sources close to Apple.

The wireless chip feature, referred to by sources as “tether-less”, would improve the communication via email and text of the Apple Watch.

The camera could be embedded in the device’s top bezel with the second generation release, enabling users to make use of the FaceTime application to make video calls to others and receive them.

While the next version wouldn’t be expected to hit the market until 2016, the potential for these features being included would no doubt get more interested in it.

The Apple Watch reportedly has sold close to 3 million units, and is slated to sell over 15 million units this year.

Christopher A. Smith


New Chinese App Asks Citizens To Spy On Officials


SURVEY: More70 Million Computer Users In China Face Security Risk Apps Downloaded In China Than In The United StatesThe Chinese government has released a new application that is meant to give the power of keeping an eye on corrupt officials to the people.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection(CCDI), the nation’s anti-corruption agency, announced the new app on their website entitled “One-click anti-four tendencies app”.

The title refers to violations of discipline that include gifts in violation of Communist Party rules and other forms of extravagance.

The app was created as a response to citizen outrage over officials being highly extravagant with funds, with examples of throwing ostentatious weddings and other occasions as they struggle to make a living.

The app allows users to write messages up to 432 words and even include photos or videos that could be up to 5 MB in size with the message reporting these “tigers.”

While on the surface this app release can be seen as a way for the public to help the government crack down on corruption, there are some concerns that it could have a backlash against some citizens and anti-corruption activists who have fought against those officials only to be hounded in return.

Christopher A. Smith


Huge Mobile App Data Flaw Discovered


handmobile2-transThe way that you store, send and retrieve data may put your information at risk due to a major security flaw.

A team of German security researchers found up to 56 million instances of unprotected data found within the apps they studied which include banking and gaming apps and social media apps.

Siegfried Rasthofer, a member of the team built from individuals from Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology and Darmstadt University of Technology, stated: “In almost every category we found an app which has this vulnerability in it.”

Their findings have led them to conclude that this flaw could affect billions.

The flaw lies in how these apps authenticate users as they store information in online databases.

The web services used to complete these tasks will go to default options that leave tokens vulnerable to hackers’ use.

The concerns are higher where mobile apps are rather than desktop apps.

Blame was also directed at the companies’ rush to get apps released to make profits.

Other researchers do feel that some of the fault should be spread around a bit.

Christopher A. Smith