Here Are The Top 25 Most In Demand Job Skills Of 2014, As Compiled By Linkedin


Here Are The Top 25 Most In Demand Job Skills Of 2014, As Compiled By LinkedinHere is Linkedin’s list of the top 25 job skills that are most in demand for 2014:

1. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

2. Middleware and Integration Software

3. Storage Systems and Management

4. Network and Information Security

5. SEO/SEM Marketing

6. Business Intelligence

7. Mobile Development

8. Web Architecture and Development Framework

9. Algorithm Design

10. Perl/Python/Ruby

11. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing

12. Marketing Campaign Management

13. Mac, Linux and User Systems

14. User Interface Design

15. Recruiting

16. Digital and Online Marketing

17. Computer Graphics and Animation

18. Economics

19. Java Development

20. Channel Marketing

21. SAP ERP Systems

22. Integrated Circuit (IC) Design

23. Shell Scripting Languages

24. Game Development

25. Virtualization

You can check out the top 25 job skills that are most in demand for 2014 for other countries from this link.


Google’s List Of Top Searches For 2014


Google's List Of Top Searches For 2014As usual, Google releases their end-of-year list of the top searches.

This year is no different from last, except of course for what and who made it to the top.

The top 10 global searches for 2014 are:

1. Robin Williams

2. World Cup

3. Ebola

4. Malaysia Airlines

5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

6. Flappy Bird

7. Conchita Wurst


9. Frozen

10. Sochi Olympics

The top 10 searches in the United States practically mirrors the global list:

1. Robin Williams

2. World Cup

3. Ebola

4. Malaysia Airlines

5. Flappy Bird

6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


8. Ferguson

9. Frozen

10. Ukraine


The Big List Of Kickstarter Resources


The Big List Of Kickstarter Resources

The American middle class is shrinking. Or better yet, it’s shriveling. More people are working for huge corporations and fewer are opening up local businesses. As a result, executives are making more money than ever before, their employees are making less, and the wealth disparity is increasing exponentially.

Many people who want to start their own businesses simply don’t have the funds to do so. Now, there’s a website to help you raise the money you need to launch the business that you just wouldn’t be able to fund yourself: Kickstarter. All you do is post your plan and wait for people to invest. Unfortunately, this is more daunting than it sounds. And it sounds pretty daunting. Here are a few useful websites to help you kickstart your Kickstarter project.


arqspin_cleanArqspin is a revolutionary way to get 360 photography without using any extra equipment. Just pick up your pre-owned DSLR, iOS, or any android phone to click 360 photographs. Kickstart your online store with this innovative technology, Arqspin. Give your viewers a better experience for earning additional revenue.


Crowdfunding dojoLearn the way to make winning kickstarter campaign videos. This exhaustive article explains the various methods available to make the best video you can and takes you through the process of creating successful videos for your Kickstarter campaign. Crowdfunding Dojo can be called “the bible for Kickstarters”, as it shares valuable information in the form of trends, tips, and tricks for a winning Kickstarter campaign.


calculatorFinance is an essential aspect of any project. Before you embark upon your Kickstarter project, it is wise to calculate the financial aspects of the campaign. Use the calculator built especially for the Kickstarters to get an idea of the funds flow, so that they may invest wisely in their projected campaign.


kickstarter badge

The masters of Kickstarter projects have penned some tips or shortcuts to make you successful in your Kickstarter campaign. This tutorial focuses upon raising a whopping $100,000 in 10 days. Check out the tips for a successful project.


KickTotal is a kicktotaltool that helps Kickstarters plan project costs effectively. Crowdfunding a project should yield suitable returns. Ascertaining the costs involved and finalizing returns is an essential step to making any Kickstarter campaign a success. Check out KickTotal here.


StatsStatistics are an accurate measure of the performance of any project. Kickstarter’s stats tool is used to track the success rate of funding, amount pledged, and the performance of all the projects. The stats page gets automatically updated about once a day. It helps Kickstarters create successful projects.



Kickingitforward is an innovative online program established to help Kickstarters fulfill their goals. It distinguishes itself from other Kickstarters’ help tools. The successfully funded and finished projects agree to pay 5% of their profits to the striving Kickstarters. Get support from people like yourself, and get motivated. Kick it forward with Kickingitforward.


kickfailureHave a look at the failed and funny projects at Kickfailure to be sure you don’t end up doing the same. Analyze the ideas that failed to climb the ladder of success.


kickstandGet your own WordPress website and install the eCommerce store theme Kickstand to run your own store. This theme is especially targeted toward graduates who want to kick their project. Kickstand is a fully responsive theme with features such as social media buttons, newsletter sign up form, photo gallery, video embeds, etc. The store can be used to sell one to five products.


tinylightbulbsTinylightbulbs is a post-crowdfunding store where Kickstarters can sell their products easily. TLB ships the 3D-printed prototypes in a cost-effective manner. Check it out, here.

HR showcases successfully crowdfunded projects. You can buy from the innovative products made by visionary owners, and funded by helpful backers. There’s no need to wait for the completion of these products as they are ready to be shipped. Click here for the site.


teelaunch-logoEvery crowdfunding project needs a t-shirt guy. Teelaunch makes it easy for you to get the customized t-shirts on time. The smart guys at Teelaunch ship the products within 1-2 days of the order placement. The quality of the t-shirts is simply superb, and the digital prints are long lasting. Their prices are very competitive, and these guys are always available for help. Their product range includes t-shirts, golf ball, USB flash drive, tote bag, mug, and iPhone case.


Kicksaver is a non-commercial project designed to save struggling Kickstarter kicksaverprojects. Kicksaver finds out the ending soon and small projects categories a couple of times a day to figure out those projects that are finishing shortly. This application, written in Python, doesn’t show real-time data. It collects data using BeautifulSoup and updates the Twitter feed using Tweepy.


BackerkitBackerKit assists you in organizing a complex project by handling post-crowdfunding troubles so that you can finish your project on time. A Kickstarter can view, track, and edit backer information. It lets you easily manage your project by separately displaying what you can give yourself, your backers, and fulfillment partners. Various features of the BackerKit program include handling international shipping fees, correcting pledge errors, smoothly taking pre-orders, etc. It’s easy to ship your rewards with the BackerKit Postage. If you have ended fundraising, take the help of BackerKit to make the things fall into place.


swishSwish is a website for the people who hunt for the coolest stuff on the planet. It’s a place where the best pre-orders are showcased from all over the web. There is no connection of these products with the company. Swish sells some products directly. It guarantees the delivery of an order placed on Swish website. Either it delivers the order within a year or it gives your money back. They charge $2 per address along with postage fee to pack and ship items.



Kickspy is an online platform where Kickstarters can share their projects and get support from Kickstarter backers. It’s an instant way to find, explore, and monitor Kickstarter projects. It’s quite easy to check out trending topics and see which projects are successful. As a Kickstarter project owner, it’s essential to learn what interests Kickstarter backers. By tracking the most backed and the highest earning projects, you can almost read the minds of the backers. This helps a Kickstarter project owner come up with a winning strategy for his project, which then has a better chance of being successful. Kickspy’s suggestion functionality is a boon for Kickstarters. The backers are able to give valuable recommendations about your projects. If you have begun, or if you are about to begin a Kickstarter project, Kickspy is one of the best places to share your dream project, and learn more about other projects too.


For a few more tips, try these sites:

A Kickstarter’s Guide to Kickstarter

A No-Name Developer’s Guide to Succeeding on Kickstarter

Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

The Guide to Creating a Great Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter Legal Guide

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How to Use Kickstarter to Launch a Business

A Warts-and-All Guide to Kickstarter: What Works and What Doesn’t (Plus Where We Royally Screwed Up)


PR Tools to help your Kickstarter campaign


Or these great Kickstarter books:

Kickstarter For Dummies 

The Kickstarter Handbook: Real-Life Success Stories of Artists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs 

KICKSTARTER: How to Meet or Exceed Your Kickstarter Goal 

Kickstarter Power: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign Kit Also for Indiegogo 

Kickstarter for Filmmakers: Plan and Execute Your Next Crowd Funding Campaign 

How to Crack the Kickstarter Code: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Guide 

Kickstarter: A Guide for Normal People 

Kickstarter Success Secrets 

Unlocking Kickstarter Secrets: Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarter and Indiegogo: Crowdfunding Secrets Revealed 

A Kickstarter’s Guide to Kickstarter 

Crowdfunding and Kickstarter: The Ultimate Guide: How to Raise Money by Running an Amazing Online Campaign 

Kickstarter Kit for Home & Family Blogs – Ideas for Your Blog for the Year 

Kickstarter for Non-US Residents 

The Ultimate Kickstarter Guidebook: A Proven Formula For Crowdfunding Success 


Or these Google Chrome extensions:

Kickstarter Status Board

Kicktraq (Also available as a Firefox Add-On



And finally, check out this Kickstarter WordPress plugin:

Kickstarter Tracker Widget 


Top 10 Newsletter & Mailing List Services


Top 10 Newsletter & Mailing List ServicesEmail marketing can help your business target a specific group of customers. An email newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your customers.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Newsletter & Mailing List Services:


Aweber is an email marketing provider through which sending promotional emails and newsletters all over the world is very easy. Their impressive features include: multiple email templates in various designs, option to build autorepsonders for follow up emails, customized signup forms, performance tracking, expert customer support, and email marketing API for third party integration on any website.
Signing up for Aweber is just $1 for the first month and after that, the fee is$19 per month.

Email marketing gets easier with a marketing tool like Mailchimp. The top features of Mailchimp include: Personalization and automation that lets the user automate triggered emails based on the subscribers’ website activity, and sends them only content in which they are interested. The send time optimization facility of the tool sets the best time within 24 hours of selected delivery date. Twitter Tailored Audiences targets the subscribers on Twitter. It lets subscribers share content with other people on Twitter who have similar interests.
Signing up for Mailchimp is free. You can send up to 12,000 emails, and up to 2,000 subscribers per month, for free.

Get Response
Just what the name says. Getting responses from targeted customers through email marketing is very easy with the help of Get Response. The best features of this marketing tool are: Responsive Email Design, Sending responsive emails to customers. Get Response automatically designs the newsletters beautifully and sends them to the subscriber to be viewed either on the desktop, or, on mobile devices. A/B Testing:
Conduct effective campaigns to find out which of your offers are working best in attracting the audience by testing, analyzing, and optimizing elements of the message, like the subject line, CTA, from field, best time to send email, etc. This new feature seems to be pretty useful in learning the subscriber’s behaviors. Autoresponders 2.0:
This feature lets users send regular follow-ups, birthday emails, 1-to-1 communications, and customized offers to its subscribers. Email Creator: With their new drag-and-drop editor, this feature enables you to create email messages with multiple email templates. There are unlimited editing options for adding personal choices, by the user, in the emails created. Social Sharing: The Social Sharing buttons of this tool make it easy for the user to share the newsletters instantly with a wider audience. The Social Share Analytics tracks the social reactions to determine the the most engaged audiences automatically.
The pricing for Get Response is based upon the number of subscribers. Check their site for pricing.

With Boomerang, email marketing reaches another height, as it offers many benefits and ease of use for its users. The features are: Schedule an email:  Write an email now, and schedule it to be sent to the subscriber later. The newsletter is sent automatically at the set time. It understands deadlines like “next Monday” mentioned in the calendar picker or text box, and sends the message accordingly. Reminds you if you don’t hear back: Follow up of messages after they are sent. If someone does not reply to your message, you can send them the message again to remind them.
Boomerang comes with different pricing based upon usage. Users can try it free for a 30-day trial. The Basic version of Boomerang can be used for free, the Personal version is $4.99 per month, and the Professional version costs $14.99 per month.

Benchmark has many useful features. Some of them include: creating and sending professional email newsletters, Real-Time Reports with easy-to-follow metrics, mobile app, Contact List Management, Autoresponders, social sharing buttons, and more.
The Trial version of Benchmark is free. There are three pricing plans based upon the amount of messages sent, and the size of your list. There are several plans. Check out their website for details.

Pinpointe offers a wide array of services. There are more than 1,000 templates in Pinpointe, which are mobile ready, and responsive HTML email templates.
Other features of Pinpointe include: automated emails (autoresponders) and trigger campaigns, “smart-segments” for targeting prospects with precision, socializing of the emails with follow, share, and like buttons.
You can pay for Pinpointe on a per month basis, or every 6 months. Pricing starts at $49 for 5,000 contacts, and go up to $898 for 200,000 contacts per month.

Mailigen is another email marketing tool that can help you reach your target audience with effective results. Some of its best features are: Drag‘n‘Drop Email Editor: Use the free email templates, or, create your own templates by using the Drag’n’Drop email editor.
Online Survey: Conducting an online survey is easy. It splits the audience into segments, then collects feedback you can use when sending messages. Social Media sharing:
This feature enables easy integration of Twitter and Facebook.
Mailigen is $40 per month, $32, if the charges are paid annually. The subscriber capacity within this fee is 2,500 – 5,000 subscribers with unlimited message sending, and 20 free SMS credits.

Stream Send
Stream Send allows you to manage lists and subscribers; create, share, and send email messages; track, report and analyze the results. For easy management of lists and subscribers, there are customizable sign-up forms, simple list importing and exporting, subscribe/unsubscribe management, and list segmentation. To create, share, and send email messages, there’s a pre-designed template, HTML editor, personalized emails and adjustable “from” and “reply” fields. For tracking, reporting, and analyzing the messages, Stream Send has real-time reporting, invalid email address tracking, Google Analytics, and more.
Stream Send is free for the first 30 days, with 200 messages per month.  Pricing is $19.90 per month, with 2,000 messages, and up to $209.90 per month for 150,000 mails.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact has easy-to-send email newsletters, Facebook promotion, feedback gathering, and more. Other features include customizable templates, real-time reporting, and tracking. With easy contact management, reaching customers wherever they are gets easier. Constant Contact lets its users reach their audience through email messages, mobile messaging, and social media.
Check out their website for pricing.

Another contender for useful and effective email marketing, is iContact. iContact is designed to make email marketing easy. Features are: Email Templates: Numerous email templates. MessageBuilder:  For the first time user who has no experience in designing attractive messages, this is a useful feature. It enables easy message designing through its drag and drop message creation tool. Email Delivery:  The emails designed via this tool, are sent straight to the inbox of the customer.  Contact Management:  Contacts are very well managed by this tool. It keeps a history of customer interaction with messages, mail-merge personalization, and more.
For up to 500 subscribers, the price is $14.00 per month, up to 2,500 subscribers, the price is $29.00 per month, and $47.00 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers.

– Ady Sachdeva


Top 5 Reasons Your Business Website Needs A Blog


Top 5 Reasons Your Business Website Needs A BlogHave you ever considered a blog for your business?

Whatever your answer, read on to understand the value of a business blog and how it can help your business.

1. Your business blog helps customers relate to your brand

By using a blog for your business, you can help your clients identify with your brand. Blogging is the perfect way to personalize your business and give it the human touch. When you update your blog with good content, it’ll draw more visitors to your website, and will make your brand more accessible.

2. A blog positions your business (and you) as an expert in its field and strengthens it as a brand

Blogging allows you to position your business (and you) as an expert in its field. It also lets you showcase your knowledge on the topics of your business. The articles posted on your blog on the latest topics and trends in your particular industry will promote your business, and show your expertise as well. It will establish awareness as well as the leadership qualities of you and your business. For this to happen, you have to ensure that you offer unique and valued content to your clients, and not just look at gaining top ranks on search engines.

3. A blog is a doorway to obtain new customers

Your blog posts give you the opportunity to draw new visitors to your site by means of its unique URL. That’s how a blog generates numerous doorways whenever it gets updated. Thereby, it increases the reach of your website. Even if you post content in your blog once a week, it gets you new ways to add potential customers. When you increase your posts, it automatically increases the number of potential clients that it generates.

4. A business blog improves targeted website traffic

Many business owners create a separate blog for their business, which is different from their main website. Some create their blog as a separate section within their main website. Either way, you will see an increase in the targeted to your website.

5. A business blog also allows face-to-face connection

Most people think that a business blog is meant only for business purposes. The fact is, a business blog doesn’t have to be just about business all the time. To avoid having a boring business blog, you can add humor, and occasional off-track topics in your blog. This will give your blog uniqueness, along with making it relevant for your readers.

– Ady Sachdeva


Top 10 Places To Learn How To Code For Free


Top 10 Places To Learn How To Code For Free

Knowing how to code, or, understanding computer programming is the door to new opportunities. The question is how and where to begin. If you have been thinking of learning to code for free, this article is for you.

Here are 10 such websites which teach coding through various online means like tutorials, videos, quizzes and much more:

1. LearnStreet

LearnStreet, with its clear code-entry screen on the right side of the window, is a site that focuses on code. Here you can find the run environment just under the code, which displays the code you write. Conversely, the instructions can be seen on the left side of the screen.

After completing the programming course of the site, you can look into numerous coding projects provided by the site for JavaScript, Ruby, and others.

You can sort the projects per level, which includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The projects can also be sorted in terms of category like tools, games, and algorithms.

LearnStreet presents free courseware for teachers with which they can instruct students in coding.

2. Khan Academy

With Khan Academy, you can build yourself a solid foundation on programming. This site offers pioneering video tutorials, which cover almost every subject that one can encounter while coding. The site’s programming module makes use of JavaScript for illustrating concepts that are used for coding. It also teaches you some useful JavaScript skills. This site doesn’t focus on any specific programming language.

The courses are divided into various categories, and each one of them has separate lessons ranging from three to 12. The videos display the lesson on the technique of coding on the left side of the window, and the result is displayed on the right side. Once you’re finished with the course, you must write code and repeat the process. If you fail in providing the right code, the site’s tutorial will offer hints to help you find the solution.

Like LearnStreet, this site also provides a sign up facility for teachers who can coach students from here, and manage their progress too.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy lets you broaden your programming prospects. This site presents a refined interface and interactive tutorials. The lessons offered in the Ruby tutorial on this site will let you back up and restart many distinct steps. Once you enter code in the Codecadmy window, it will take up the lesson screen. The instructions of the lesson are offered in the left pane and a pop-up window emerges on the right side of the screen when you save and submit the code button after entering a code.


W3Schools is a simple place, with simple and basic tutorials. Once you’ve completed the first half-dozen lessons, you’ll find the pace of the lessons keep you absorbed, and interested. You’ll find tutorials on HTML, SQL, PHP, CSS, XML, JQuery,
JavaScript, and others.

This site also presents demos for building websites, along with web databases and server technologies. You’ll have to read the instructions first, and then the code is shown to you afterward. You can also click the ‘Try It Yourself’ button to open a new window, which will allow you to write and run the lesson’s code.

There are over 19 separate lessons in the Basic section of the site’s JavaScript tutorial. Each of the lessons will require 15 to 30 minutes to complete. There are eight more advanced lessons. There are also lessons for Browser BOM and HTML DOM.

5. Girl Develop

Girl Develop is aimed at females who love coding. This site is an international, non-profit site that offers membership and instructions. Women of all ages and races can join. It also allows women of all education levels and income to join and enhance their skills. They can develop web and mobile applications and build careers.

6. Udacity

Udacity is one of the sites developed by Stanford University. This course, along with many others, is available online for free. The University is of the view that education is a lifelong experience and therefore it has ported loads of computer science, math and physics courses online for people to learn.

7. Code Racer

Those who want fast coding courses can consider Code Racer, which is a live, multi-player, coding game. With Code Racer, new talents can learn to build websites with the help of HTML and CSS. Experienced people can test their coding ability on this site.

8. MIT OpenCourseWare

The best thing about MIT is that it has opened all of its course content to web users. Anyone, from any place, can use and learn from MIT, which is one of the top research institutions in America.

9. Coursera

Coursera is one of the big online education giants. With Coursera, you can learn courses online from dozens of top universities. The best part is that these courses are free. Coursera classes are also available in five different languages. These include English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and French. Professors from 62 universities teach these online courses.

10. Learn Python the Hard Way

With Learn Python the Hard Way, you can use free PDFs to learn coding. If you want to use the video version of the course, you’ll have to pay $29.
With this site, you cannot copy-paste anything, and this is the number one rule here.

– Ady Sachdeva


Top 5 WordPress Game Arcade Themes


Top 5 WordPress Game Arcade themesIn this collection, we have picked the top 5 WordPress Game Arcade themes, which will not just make your website captivating, but will give you a competitive edge:

1. Next WPA

The Next WPA Arcade theme for WordPress has a unique arcade design with a Sliding Featured Games Panel. You can choose from five available styles. Some of the unique features of this theme are 9 Category Blocks that are easy to add from the Theme Options, Integrated Social Sharing Buttons, 336×280 Ads Before game loading with timer from Theme Options, Integrated User Panel with Avatar, and Options and Favorite Games Drop Down all games listed in the footer. Users can perform multiple tasks using Theme Settings such as changing the Logo, or banner exchange, or background. This theme is available for just $35.

2. Gameleon – WordPress Arcade Theme
The Gameleon Arcade theme for WordPress comes loaded with numerous features, some of which include a powerful Admin option panel, compatibility with MyArcadePlugin Pro, unlimited color options, powerful post description block, frontend profile editor, custom dashboard skin, notification bar pro, etc. A regular license of this theme can be bought for $55.

3. Tricera Arcade Theme
This is a highly flexible theme designed to deliver high performance, and generate Adsense revenue. The distinguishing feature of this theme is its vivid colors that are apt for an arcade game website. The Tricera Arcade Theme has optimized advertisement spaces, elegant thumbnails, and, above all, versatility. It’s compatible with the latest versions of all browsers. The basic requirement of this theme is the MyArcadePlugin Lite or the MyArcadePlugin Pro. Built on the XHTML 2.0 / CSS 3.0 Architecture, this theme runs on the jQuery Framework. Multiple Game Play Layouts, Razer Sharp Graphics, Social Buttons, and Google’s Rich Snippet Enabled, are some of its features.

4. Arcade Basic
Those who love the minimalist look will love this theme. The Arcade Basic is a theme designed by c.bavota. It is a lightweight, fully responsive, arcade theme. The backend of this theme is strong, as the designer has used SASS, Compass, and Bootstrap 3 to build this theme. The theme offers support for 8 post formats including Video, Image, Link, Aside, Status, Audio, Quote, and Gallery. Some of its features are options to show or hide meta, full-width page option, and compatibility with bbPress and BuddyPress.

5. Triqui MochiAds Arcade theme for WordPress
Designed by an Italian programmer Emanuele Feronato, the Triqui MochiAds Arcade theme is for advanced users. The mandatory plugins that help in running this theme are Mochi, WP-Page Navi, WP-PostRatings and WP-PostRatings Widget, Akismet, WP-PostViews and WP-PostViews Widget, and WordPress Reset. Triqui MochiAds is a decent theme with a homepage layout like the Gallery theme. Some of the features of this theme are: CSS only rollover effect on game selection, interesting places to display ads, highly commented css and php files, and a list of all games in the footer.

– Ady Sachdeva


Top 5 WordPress Dashboard Plugins


Top 5 WordPress Dashboard Plugins

Bloggers always have many tasks to perform. Things like monitoring ad revenue, checking stats, as well as interacting on social media are some of the tasks that bloggers spend time on.

All these things require time. Now, with the availability of a few helpful WordPress plugins, bloggers can save time by performing tasks from the WordPress dashboard. By doing so, bloggers can see a quick snapshot overview of everything, thereby saving time.

Here are my picks for the top 5 plugins WordPress dashboard plugins:

1. Analytics 360

With the help of the Analytics360 plugin, you can pull together Google Analytics and MailChimp data straight into your dashboard. This can be done by means of displaying them on a subpage under the WordPress dashboard. With this plugin, you can easily access analytics tools such as managing mailing lists, and visualizing site traffic, all  without leaving WordPress. To use this plugin, you do need a Google Analytics account, but you don’t necessarily have to be a Mailchimp user. This plugin makes life easy for a blogger by letting you access robust analytics tools without leaving WordPress.

Some of the features of this plugin are:

  • Ability to visualize a site’s traffic trends
  • Chart the growth of your mailing list
  • Break down traffic through search and direct referrals with Google Analytics

2. Feedburner Stats (reworked for PHP 5.3)

This is another simple plugin that allows the user to view and manage FeedBurner stats from within the WordPress admin interface. This plugin is based on Feed Stats for WordPress. Here, the stats for your feed can be visualized from “Feed Stats” page that is placed in the “Dashboard” of WordPress. You can view statistics like Subscribers, Hits, Reach, Item Clickthroughs and Item Views.

3. Twitter Tools

The Twitter Tools plugin allows you to create integration between your Twitter account, and your WordPress blog. Using this unique plugin, WordPress users can easily manage their Twitter posts. The main benefit of this plugin is that it allows you to Tweet directly from the dashboard. You do not need to open another browser tab to do so.

With this plugin, you can automatically Tweet about new posts. You can also create a collection of Tweets and publish them on your blog. You can even Tweet from any page on the blog.

This plugin offers the following features:

  • Connect numerous Twitter accounts
  • Collect tweets from your Twitter accounts
  • Generate a blog post from each of your tweets

4. Full Comments on Dashboard

The Full Comments on Dashboard plugin is a very effective plugin that displays full comments in the Recent Comments Box in WordPress. Though the Recent Comments Box in WordPress assists in handling and replying to comments easily, it displays only the comment excerpt. To view the full comment, the user has to load another page. But now, with the availability of the Full Comments on Dashboard plugin, this limitation can easily be bypassed. This plugin extends the default widget to feature the full comment, thereby making it easy to reply properly.

5. Plugin Central

The Plugin Central is an all-inclusive WordPress plugin solution. This plugin manages all other plugins for WordPress. With the help of Plugin Central, you can easily install plugins by naming them. You can also link them to a zip folder and add several plugins together. You can update all your existing plugins directly from the dashboard.

The main features of Plugin Central are:

  • Install plugins directly by either naming them or by using the URL to the zip file.
  • Allows easy movement of your plugins from one blog to another with the help of the multiple-plugin installation feature.
  • Shows the plugin status on the Dashboard of plugins that needs to be updated.
  • Enables updating of all plugins with one click.

– Ady Sachdeva


Top 10 Technology WordPress Themes

Top 10 Technology WordPress ThemesThere is no dearth of themes in WordPress. There are themes for almost every category. Today, I have picked the top 10 technology WordPress themes for you:

1. Mobera – Premium App showcase WordPress Theme

The Mobera is a powerful theme with rich features. You can customize different features directly from the Dashboard.  It enables you to import demo data with just a single click. This premium theme allows you to embed videos in your post via YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Selfhosted videos. You can choose fonts from more than 100+ Google API Fonts. The Mobera theme also offers 7 custom widgets, including advertisement, custom recent posts, Google map, contact form, social network links, Twitter and Flickr.

The Mobera app showcase theme is WordPress 3.5+ ready, and it supports all major browsers. It provides numerous shortcodes too.

2. Epik

The Epik theme is the perfect solution for those who want a theme that demands attention by inspiring creativity, and providing a unique design. Use the Epik theme to take your site to the next level and to experience wonderful results. This theme works on the Genesis Framework. You can also get instant access with indefinite updates, support, as well as sites. For all this and more, you just need to pay a one-time fee of $99.95.

The main features of this theme are: 10 Color Styles, 6 Layout Options, Custom Menus, Featured Images, and more.

3. Nimble

The Nimble theme is a bold and beautiful theme offering exclusive design and style. Whether it’s viewed over a big screen, or small screen, the fully responsive design of the Nimble theme makes it look wonderful over all devices.

It also offers perpetual updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest WordPress version. It’s compatible with most of the popular internet browsers. It’s localized for easy language translation, and it comes with five unique colors schemes.

4. Electronics Responsive WordPress theme

The Electronics Responsive WordPress theme is a fully customizable theme with limitless custom post types and post formats. This theme comes with over 80 shortcodes and presents easy an installation process. It also features custom typography with over 600+ Google fonts.

The various features of this SEO-ready theme are: fantastic sliders that shape images, filterable portfolio, and advanced backups.

5. Prima Tech

The PrimaTech WordPress theme is used on blogs and websites that are related to technology, or business. This theme offers 3 columns with lots of spaces to display your information. It has a grey background with black header, and white text on it. This theme has pages on a primary menu by default, and it also supports WordPress menus. This makes it easy to edit, and easy to place it on menu pages, categories and links.

Some of the interesting features of Prima Tech are: Admin Options V4 panel (easy to customize), Custom homepage, Full Width Page, Sitemap ready for your site, Featured Slider-Show Content, Ads banners ready, Facebook and Twitter Widget enabled, and other great features.

6. Techmag

Techmag is a technology WordPress theme with a compact design and unique layout. This theme uses light and cool colors such as blue, which is used to highlight titles and buttons. This theme presents 3 columns of information on the home page, which makes it easy to showcase lots of content and images. It’s a great theme for news sites. One distinguishing feature of this theme is lifetime updates.

7. Techzone

TechZone is a theme that makes it easy to make your site attractive. This theme offers an easy-to-use administrative panel, along with offering many configurations that offer a great base to build on.

This theme works on the SMT Framework 2.0, along with a dynamic content loader. Being a responsive web design, this theme adapts to the layout of most mobile devices. Some of its features are: Social Share Bar, Shortcodes Ready, Contacts Page, and Translation Options.

8. Agile

Agile is a multipurpose WordPress theme to help you showcase your apps.

The Agile theme features a clean, yet simple design. The seven custom post types of this theme help you get started quickly. There are numerous helpful shortcodes, too.

Some of the features of this theme include Fully Responsive, 6 Custom Post types, Unlimited color schemes, 1500+ Retina ready icons, and much more.

9. Lucid

Lucid is a magazine theme with a clean design. It’s a fully responsive theme, and the design adapts to mobile phones and tablets for an intuitive browsing experience. The Lucid theme offers compatibility with the latest WordPress version and contains secure and valid code for keeping it fast and secure. It’s also completely localized for easy language translation, and provides top-notch tech support to customers.

10. Expound

The Expound theme, with a magazine-styled look, suits any type of blog. It features a Custom Header and background, Responsive design, Flexible Header, Featured Images, Infinite Scroll, and many more useful features.

– Ady Sachdeva


Top 15 WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates


Top 15 WordPress Plugins for Amazon AssociatesWith the introduction of some helpful tools and resources, you can now earn lasting income by means of your WordPress website or blog. Today, we are listing the top 15 WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates:

1. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

The Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer automatically changes your Amazon links and points visitors to the Amazon store in their country. To do this, the plugin uses your affiliate ID for that country. If you have visitors from the US, the plugin will divert them to Amazon US store, and if they are from any other country, they will be diverted to the Amazon store in their specific country.

You can easily add the links to your posts, or, in your template. You can place the links anywhere on the pages of your blog, and it will be automatically converted.

2. Amazon Reloaded for WordPress

The Amazon Reloaded for WordPress plugin enables bloggers to insert text and image links from Amazon product pages into their blog posts with ease. This plugin lets you quickly look into the product index of Amazon from the blog interface of your WordPress site. You can than collect text or image links and place them in your blog posts. You have to add your Amazon Associates ID in the settings screen and ensure that all the links in the blog contain your affiliate ID.

You can search for products and send their names and images to the post editor as an affiliate link. This plugin doesn’t require any formatting for the links or images, thereby making it easy to integrate them into your post. Further, the links are not shortcode based and keep working even when the plugin is disabled.

This plugin presents the blog administrator with an option to choose from Amazon locales including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan.

If you download the new version, you get support for the new request signing requirements of Amazon. There’s also a credential checking system that has been put in place, along with the remote connection API, which will work across more blogs and hosting setups.

3. Amazon Auto Links

With Amazon Auto Links you can generate links of the most recent Amazon products in the preferred category that you pick. Even if your browser is JavaScript disabled, you can see them in your browser. The availability of this plugin now makes the manual searching of products, and pasting of affiliate links a thing of the past. The benefit of this plugin is that you simply don’t have to worry about the product getting outdated.

All you have to do is to simply pick categories that suit your blog and the plugin will automatically show the links of the most recent products at Amazon. You’ll have to tag your links with your Amazon Associate ID.

The Amazon Auto Links supports 10 Amazon locales. To insert advertisements, you can add them as widgets, or, you can place shortcode that is generated, or, PHP code in the place where the links should appear. This plugin allows you to search for specific products, too.

This plugin will help those who have good HTML and CSS coding skills. Those who have a rough idea of PHP can even create their own template, and design the layout.

4. Easy Azon 3.0

Easy Azon 3.0 is a huge upgrade to the widely held EasyAzon WordPress plugin, which was launched back in 2011. Amazon affiliate users can quickly create Amazon affiliate links without leaving their WordPress dashboard. It also automatically redirects users to the country they are viewing your website from. This enables users to make more money from their visitors across the globe. With this plugin, users can also optionally cloak affiliate links. This plugin helps you get more commissions by grabbing visitors attention, and thereby driving more clicks.

5. WP Amazon Ads

With the WP Amazon Ads plugin, you can earn huge commissions from sales by inserting Amazon product listings into your WordPress posts. It allows you to insert a list of products from Amazon on a single post page. The listings are entirely customizable as per the parameters marked in the admin panel.

This plugin can identify the search with a custom field in the post called “amazon_search.”

Multi-author blogs can share revenue, and it can also state the percentage to share. The plugin hides the affiliate links to Amazon.

6. Amazon Link

With the Amazon Link plugin, you can place Amazon product links as well as images into your WordPress pages and posts. The links can be of any type, be it simple text links, thumbnail images or even full-blown Amazon flash widgets.

Some of the main features of this plugin are: Search Tool to assist authors, Simple shortcode to generate product links, Localization of all links as per nationality of the visitor, Amazon Product Details Cache, Optional multinational popup, etc.

7. WP Shopping Pages

WP Shopping Pages is regarded as the easiest affiliate store plugin for WordPress. With this plugin you can add affiliate shopping pages to your blog or site with ease. You can earn commissions from Amazon and eBay, with the help of this plugin. All of this is done with a few clicks.

This plugin also enables you to include as many products as you want. All you have to do is to enter the keywords of your choice, and the plugin creates the shopping pages. This plugin can also generate posts along with creating shopping pages. The plugin can be easily controlled with its template system and its numerous settings.

8. Amazon Product in a post

This is another unique plugin with which you can monetize your blog posts or pages. Like most other plugins, this plugin again allows you to add formatted Amazon Products to any page by using the Amazon ASIN.

Here, along with AWS Access Key ID, you also need to have a Secret Access Key of your own to use this plugin. A formatted Amazon Product/Item can be quickly added to a post or page with this plugin.

The Amazon Product in a post plugin uses the newly revised Amazon Product Advertising API. You need an Amazon Affiliate Account, and an Amazon Product Advertising API key to use this plugin. Being free and easy, it’s simple to install the plugin.

9. Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player

With the Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player plugin, you can link your Amazon S3 bucket and arrange an HTML5 playlist. This plugin use tracks directly from your Amazon s3 buckets playable in HTML5 element. This plugin is not linked in any way to

Some of the features of this plugin are include Customize Player Skin & Size, MP3 Song’s information using ID3 Tags, Amazon S3 SubFolder support, and more.

10. Amazon Master

With Amazon Master you can display the hottest deals from Amazon. It lets you generate income for WordPress based websites. This plugin can easily fit into any widget space, be it small or large. The Amazon Master is fully customizable, and it displays Gold Box Deals, Deals by Category, and Warehouse Deals.

11. MoneyPress: Amazon Edition

With the MoneyPress plugin, users of WordPress can place Amazon product listings on their posts and pages. This can be done by using a simple short code, and it can earn you affiliate revenue. By means of adding content, it creates a source of revenue for your site or blog, and that too, with the least effort.

Some basic features of this plugin include listing products from any Amazon Category. The plugin can connect to Amazon sites in the US, Germany, UK, France, Canada and Japan. It has a premium add-on package available, so as to extend the capabilities of this plugin.

The Pro Pack with a Pro Pack Add-On feature lets you create custom CSS themes for the listings.

12. AzonPost

The AzonPost is a simple plugin that automatically searches and posts Amazon products on your WordPress blog. The plugin, like most other plugins, uses the Amazon Product Advertising API, along with an Amazon Associates ID. With the help of this ID, the user can access and search Amazon products, information, and features. Once you create and save your Amazon Product Advertising API, you can create posting campaigns.

13. AmazonSimpleAdmin

AmazonSimpleAdmin allows users to effortlessly embed Amazon products into their WordPress posts. This can be done by using [asa]ASIN[/asa] tags. This plugin also supports template use.

With this plugin you can integrate Amazon products into your site. You can use the template feature to present the products in diverse styles on different pages. All this is possible by simply typing BBCode tags. This plugin requires PHP5.

Some of the primary features of this plugin include ease of use with BBCode tags, design your own product templates, supports country codes of all Amazon web service, use Amazon tracking ID for money making, and many more.

The features collections enable you to define and manage sets of products as a collection. You can even display them on a page with only one BBCode tag.

14. MyBookTable

MyBookTable is a WordPress Plugin that is used by authors to sell more books. With this plugin, you can have a bookstore that will be linked to online bookstores where visitors can buy your books. It makes your individual book pages look amazing.

Some of the features of MyBookTable plugin are: Social Media Integration, Beautiful Buy Buttons, Featured Book Widget, and Mobile Responsive.

15. Amazon Related Products

The Amazon Related Products plugin allows users to add contextual products of Amazon into their WordPress blog based on tags or defined keywords. With this plugin in your possession, you can now monetize your blog by adding Amazon contextual products to your posts and pages. You can add products as well as images automatically, along with adding titles and prices. You can even use shortcodes and widgets based on the tags attached to the content.

The Amazon products will never expire, as they are displayed in real time. This plugin allows multiple ads per page. The products can be added either automatically, or, by manually, using shortcodes or widgets.

– Ady Sachdeva