Facebook To Offer Video Creators A Piece Of The Action


FacebookFacebook is getting prepared to wrangle part of the premium content industry away with the promise of more shared revenue with their corporate partners that provide video content.

In a new agreement, the social media network will offer a share of the revenue it gets from ads shown in conjunction with videos estimated at 55 percent.

That matches the same amount that YouTube shares with its content providers.

It’s part of a test initiative that gives users recommendations on what to watch in between videos from other sites that are viewed on Facebook.

The deal is meant to lure major media outlets that provide consistent video content to upload their content to Facebook before any other platform, in addition to the fact that videos on Facebook are reported to gain 4 billion views daily.

The new offer has already caught the attention of Funny Or Die Inc., the comedy website co-founded by Will Ferrell, which will start uploading full videos to Facebook.

Previously, they had only uploaded short clips of their video skits with a link to their website for the full version.

Fox Sports and the Hearst Corporation have also agreed to start uploading more video through the new program.

Christopher A. Smith


YouTube Is Launching A Video Game Site


http://9to5google.com/2015/04/08/youtube-ad-free-subscription/Not wanting to be left out in the cold, YouTube is now making a direct appeal to gamers with their latest initiative.

The company plans to develop and launch their own site dedicated to video games as well as a related application entitled YouTube Gaming.

This move is expected to be a deterrent against the online popularity of Twitch, a website that allows users to watch and connect with players on live broadcasts.

Google had made a bid to buy Twitch but were beat out by Amazon’s bid of nearly one billion dollars.

YouTube Gaming will have 25,000 individual game portals for dedicated activity on a single page and will launch first in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In terms of advertising profits, it’s split between YouTube and the individual who’s broadcasting.

There’s also plans to bolster the ‘tip jar’ feature which allows visitors to give the broadcaster money for their efforts in creating and uploading game footage.

Christopher A. Smith


Jerry Seinfeld: “TV is over”


Jerry Seinfeld: "TV is over"Jerry Seinfeld, at a live event, stated that “TV is over.”

According to a report here, Seinfeld doesn’t think much of the value of user-generated content, saying “The less the better. I don’t want to see this crap. We have a giant garbage can called YouTube for user-generated content. We’re trying to generate a little higher level.”

He added “show business is for talent, that’s who should be in it…I like being at the top of the pyramid.”


YouTube Takes Down Rand Paul’s Presidential Announcement Video


YouTube Takes Down Rand Paul’s Presidential Announcement VideoDue to a copyright claim, YouTube has taken down Rand Paul’s video announcing his presidential announcement video.

The copyright claim came from Warner Music Group and was most likely the result of an automated process triggered by YouTube’s “Content ID” system.

Content ID detects potential copyright violations by matching content against a database of copyrighted content, which can then be removed.


YouTube To Launch An App For Children


YouTube To Launch An App For ChildrenYouTube will launch an app for children next week.

The free app will only be available for Android devices, according to this report.

YouTube Kids, will be separate from the regular YouTube service and will have parental controls.

Those controls will allow parents to set such restrictions as to how much time kids can spend watching videos, and limits on what they can search for, even allowing the search function to be shut off entirely.


YouTube Cop Threat Comment Reported To FBI


YouTube Cop Threat Comment Reported To FBIYouTube commenters are known for their somewhat freewheeling comments, however, a Colorado man, Jeremiah Perez, has been arrested for commenting a threat to kill “retired helpless cops.”

The threat was reported to the FBI by Google.

Here is the comment that got him arrested:

“SINCE DARREN WILSON our group has killed 6 retired sheriffs and cops……because of this event we will hunt two more in colorado this week…..for every innocent citizen that cops kill WE, VETERANS WILL KILL RETIRED HELPLESS COPS…COPS ARE THE REAL ENEMIES OF FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS and TIME TO STRIKE BACK IN ALL OUT WAR IS NOW.”

In looking through the suspect’s computer, FBI agents found search terms such as “Kill Barack Obama” and “Hunt Darren Wilson’s Family.”

Perez claims he never meant to follow through on his threats.

One thing is for certain: posting comments such as these will definitely get the attention of law enforcement.


The Interview Is Coming To YouTube


The Interview Is Coming To YouTubeIf you can’t find a theater near you to watch The Interview, you’ll be able to watch it from the comfort of your living room, according to a report from CNN.

Sony Pictures has agreed to screen the film in a limited release.

The plan is to make the movie available on Christmas Day as a YouTube rental.

The deal is not an exclusive one, as Sony has been in discussions with other potential distribution partners.

There had been discussions between Sony and Apple, for a possible iTunes release, however, those talks have ended, but could be revisited after Christmas.

There has also been speculation that the film could be released on Crackle.


YouTube Acquires Vidmaker


YouTube Acquires VidmakerYouTube has acquired Vidmaker, an online video creation service.

The service will remain available to existing users until the end of January, so that they can complete and download any projects they are currently working on.

On the Vidmaker site, Team Vidmaker stated “We’d like to thank our users, colleagues, family, friends, advisors and investors for the encouragement and support you’ve shown us over the past three years. It’s been a wild ride.”


YouTube Adds GIF Creation Tool


YouTube Adds GIF Creation ToolA GIF maker, has been issued forth by YouTube. With an embed code, videos made with it can be posted on websites. Using GIF, something humorous in a vid clip can be honed in on and then be set to repeat again and again.

The new GIF tool is available on YouTube, now. By using the share option, with a video, sections of the footage can be adjusted to how one wants it to look in the GIF. A caption on the bottom and top can be inserted.

YouTube has the distinction now of being ahead of most of the video market, by applying the GIF feature to it’s service.

– Rich Casale


New YouTube Feature Helps Creators Check Song Rights


New YouTube Feature Helps Creators Check Song RightsYouTube has launched a new feature to assist creators when it comes to selecting music for their videos.

Now creators can learn what rights are assigned to a particular song before they use it in their videos.

Any type of rights restriction will now be displayed via Content ID to creators in the Audio Library.

From the YouTube Creators Blog:

“Great videos deserve a great soundtrack. That’s why we work with artists and music companies around the world to bring great music to YouTube. It’s why we’ve developed Content ID to empower you to feature, curate and celebrate the music you love in your YouTube videos.

But until now there was no way to know what would happen if you used a specific track until after you hit upload. Starting today, you can search the YouTube Audio Library to determine how using a particular track in your video will affect it on YouTube, specifically if it will stay live on YouTube or if any restrictions apply. You can uncross those uploading fingers now!”