CenturyLink To Acquire Orchestrate

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Posted 2 years ago


CenturyLink To Acquire OrchestrateCenturyLink has acquired Orchestrate, a database company.

Orchestrate announced the deal in a blog post on their website:

“Today we are excited to announce Orchestrate is joining the CenturyLink team…The same great service that our customers have come to love will continue expanding and improving…thanks to all our users and customers…We are glad we can continue to work with the folks who, perhaps more than any single group, shaped Orchestrate into the service it is today.”

Richard Seroter, Director of Product Management at CenturyLink, said in a blog post “Orchestrate caught our attention when we saw how well it performed on CenturyLink Cloud last year. We marveled at how easy it was to integrate with Orchestrate when we added them to our Cloud Marketplace earlier this year…This is a bold strategic move for CenturyLink, but most importantly, we believe it’s an exciting message to our overall developer community.”


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